More than 40% of top managers reported plans to leave Russia

16% of Russian top managers expect in the next two years to go to another country, found out headhunting company AGENTSTVO Kontakt”. In may 2016, she interviewed 467 top managers of Russian and international companies. The expatriates in the sample was not included, said the representative of the “Agency Contact”.

“The desire of top managers to move abroad really can be a trend for the coming years”, — says Director of business development “Agency Contact” Anastasia Staseva. On the one hand, people who want to build their business especially in high-tech and innovative industries, they say that abroad it is possible to avoid a large number of obstacles associated with the development of their own business in our country and because of which “we so often hear about the lack of support of private business by the authorities”. In addition, in the US and Europe is easier to find investors, operating on the principle of “invest, not to miss out on something worthwhile”, while in Russia more common approach is “not going to invest — not suddenly shoot”, says the expert. Another decisive factor is the quality of life. At the same time top managers just possess the competencies required in order to move on and organise the appropriate conditions to find a job, start a business, explains Staseva.

One of the top managers who took part in the survey, told about the reasons, for which it made the decision about the imminent move. First, it is really more stable legislative framework. “The law is transparent and does not change as often as ours. The fact that our government comes up with — even — more injurious to business than all the sanctions of the EU, US and someone else,” says the source . The second reason is the higher degree of social protection. “It is not clear what will happen to pensions, which for children is such a high turbulent environment”, — continues the top-Manager. There are personal reasons: his adult children have already taken the decision to move to another country.

“To move to another country in principle”, according to the results of a survey plan, 42% of respondents. Almost half of them — 48% — in the case of moving suppose you to be employed in another company, 31% — to start their own business, another 20% believe that can live on the proceeds from the rental of real estate in Russia (in answering this question, it was possible to choose several variants of answer). The three most popular countries for possible relocation — USA (mentioned by 22% of respondents), Germany (17%) and UK (11%).

“Many top candidates we have left to work in Europe and Dubai — a trading company or the so-called overseas [representation in another country] for their companies. Contracts in their currency, so it is now significantly cheaper than in Russia”, — says partner headhunting Cornerstone Victoria Filippov. However, the massive departure of top managers abroad is not yet, she said.

According to her, the decision to move depends on several factors: the scope of activities, family situation, strategic vision of the career and development of Russia. For example, investment bankers “in Russia is really very difficult,” says Filippova, a part of top managers tends to take to study in Europe or the United States children. However, a mistake to assume that abroad is a huge opportunity, and Russian specialists are in great demand. “Unfortunately, the situation on the labour market remains tense all over the world,” explains Filippov.

The number of foreign specialists in Russia began to decline from 2014. According to the information-analytical Bulletin of the Russian Academy “2014-2015: economic crisis — social dimension, there are a number of work permits for highly qualified specialists from all EU countries for ten months of 2015, compared to 2013 decreased by 57% (from Germany — 58%, UK 68%), and from the USA — 50%.