Pamfilova promised to bring security forces to combat election fraud

In an interview to “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” Pamfilova said that now is created an interdepartmental working group, which will include representatives of the Prosecutor’s office, interior Ministry and the Investigative Committee. “Will practice operational missions in the regions from which come the signals of serious violations”, – said the CEC head.

According to her, will be a thorough analysis of the outcome of the election campaign. If the CEC determines that the head of the region, the mayor or the head of the settlement became a source of use of administrative resources, Pamfilova does not exclude excitation of criminal cases, as well as recourse to the courts and Prosecutor’s office, “to any intruder didn’t come out unscathed”. “Untouchable for us and never will be”, – she said,

As an example, Pamfilova called the Altai Krai, where one of the opposition candidates involved administrative resource. “Of course, it will not pass with impunity”, – said the CEC head.

According to Pamfilova, the CEC cannot be reduced to a mechanical counter, which unthinkingly takes any legislation”. She reported that her office has compiled a list of troubled regions, where “off the charts unfair and sometimes unconscionable application of an administrative resource”. In particular, we are talking about cases where the management of the regions gives an indication to heads of administrations to engage in the electoral process, and they begin to form territorial election commissions. “The result is a correspondence of protocols, ballot box stuffing and the like”, – Pamfilova said, adding that the number of chairmen of election commissions of different levels can lose their positions even before the September elections.