Vladimir Lukin found work in the Federation Council

The Commissioner for human rights in Russia Vladimir Lukin this fall will go to work in the Federation Council, told two sources close to the presidential administration. Most likely, he will represent in the upper chamber of the Tver region, said one of the interlocutors .

Telephone Lukin was unavailable. His assistant reported that he is abroad, but cannot answer neither Yes nor no” to the question about the transition to the Federation Council. In a press-service of the Governor said he had not heard about the plans to delegate Lukin to the upper house.

Russian legislation provides three ways to contact the Federation Council — it may delegate to any legislature of one of the regions, or it needs to run in tandem with the Governor when he was elected to his post, after which the head of the region sends it to the upper house. In addition, to appoint a person to the Federation Council may, by the decision of the President, but still the head of state has never enjoyed such a right.

This year, the head of the Tver region was replaced — instead of Andrey Shevelev, the President appointed to perform the duties of the Governor the former head of the government Department of agriculture Igor Rudeni. On 18 September he will participate in elections of the head region, and Lukin could run with him. “Vladimir Lukin is a very authoritative person, after the resignation of the Commissioner for human rights, he stayed in a presidential reserve, the President treats him with great respect. His authority will help and acting head of the region’s elected to the post, and of course his knowledge and experience will be in demand in the Federation Council”, — the interlocutor close to the Kremlin.

Lukin did not live in the Tver region, however, the requirement of the law to the senators on the five-year residence in the region is not covered, said the source. U Lukin has a rank of extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador, which allows him to submit to the Senate any area. Lukin worked at the Institute of USA and Canada, and then in the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the USSR. In 1992-1993 was a Russian Ambassador in the USA, then he became one of the founders of the “Yabloko” and within two convocations was a Deputy of the state Duma. After the defeat of Yabloko in the Duma elections 2003 within ten years held the post of the Commissioner for human rights in Russia. Since more than two terms is to take place not in 2014 it was replaced by Ella Pamfilova.

When this year she took on the position of head of the CEC, the human rights activists asked the state Duma deputies to return to the place of Lukin, but the choice was made in favor of Tatiana Moskalkova — the representative “Fair Russia” the former General of the interior Ministry.

Lukin 78 years, his experience is more logical to use in the legislature, said the source close to the Kremlin.

It is clear that working in the Federation Council will not require a lot of energy Lukin, says political analyst Igor Bunin. “But we will have at least one liberal-minded Senator who will be able to Express their views on important votes”, — the expert adds.

Most likely, the fall will be a new Senator from the Ryazan region. The chair is the acting Governor of Ryazan region Oleg Kovalev, says a source close to the Kremlin. Most likely, Kovalev will take part in the local elections in the regional Duma, which after the 18th of September its delegates to the upper house, said the source.

Before the Duma elections Kovalev in resignation will not leave the next Governor will be elected already in a single day of voting in 2017, he said . In the reception room of the Governor the duty officer said that Kovalev until Monday is on vacation and no one to quickly comment on a situation cannot. But different “rumors in the field are,” he added.

After last year’s elections to the Federation Council also passed a policy known, in particular from the Executive branch. There have delegated former Minister of agriculture Nikolai Fedorov, the former head of the Department of internal policy Oleg Morozov and former Governor of the Penza region Vasily Bochkarev. It was discussed whether to send back the retired head of Russian Railways Vladimir Yakunin, but in the end he abandoned this idea.

The party for the rich

The Deputy of the state Duma from “United Russia” Mikhail Slipenchuk talks about this fall to run for the lower chamber of new convocation from the “Party of growth” of the business Ombudsman Boris Titov, said two people close to the Kremlin. Earlier Slipenchuk refused to participate in the primaries of United Russia. He did it after criticism of the party leadership. The interlocutors in the “United Russia” said that the so-called Panamanian files appear offshore of Slipenchuk, from which by law he had to give up. The Deputy claimed that he had done everything according to the law.

Slipenchuk is one of the richest parliamentarians, Forbes magazine estimated his fortune in 2015 at $600 million.

The MP through his representative reported that he received offers from different parties, but the question of the nomination to the state Duma has not yet been resolved.