Artist Pavlensky FSB accused of illegal replacement of doors at the Lubyanka

Protection of artist Peter Pavlensky, who on 8 June will be sentenced in the case of the arson of the doors of the building of FSB on Lubyanka square, appealed to General Prosecutor Yuri Chaika with a request to check the actions of intelligence officers. The complaint, prepared by lawyer Olga Dinze, has been filed through the electronic office, June 7 the document is available .

As stated in the complaint, in 2007, the expert Committee about the Committee for cultural naslenie Moscow came to the conclusion that the FSB building on Lubyanka square is a cultural heritage site. The law works on such objects may be undertaken only with the permission of the Department of cultural heritage.

In 2008, without the consent of the city authorities, the FSB has replaced the double doors at the entrance No. 1, the reference provided by the military unit No. 55002. Officially, the structure of the FSB is not disclosed, but, as he wrote “Novaya Gazeta”, this part is managing the logistics of the FSB.

The military unit is located on Lubyanka square in the FSB building, it also protects it and is actually the Manager of this complex because the building of the FSB’s economic jurisdiction part, explained Deans.

“Door unit was replaced by the new, with no signs of original doors created from drawings of the architect Alexei Shchusev,” reads the complaint. The document States that the cost of the door replacement was a little more than 63 thousand.

As suggested by the Deans, the FSB could damage the cultural heritage and, thus, to violate the relevant article of the Criminal code (article 243 of the criminal code). Protection Pavlenkova asked the attorney General to investigate actions of the FSB and to solve the issue of attraction them to responsibility.

In the same article (“damage of cultural heritage objects” part 1 of article 243 of the criminal code) was charged to Peter Pavlensky. According to the materials of the case, on the night of 9 November 2015 Pavlensky doused with gasoline and set fire to the front door entrance No. 1 to the FSB building on Myasnitskaya street. This action — “the Threat” — he dedicated the criminal cases on terrorism, which was initiated and investigated by the FSB. In particular, he protested against a criminal case of the Ukrainian Director Oleg Sentsov, who was sentenced to 20 years in prison.

The prosecution asked the Meshchansky court sentenced Turkey to a fine of 1.5 million rubles. the Aggrieved party has filed a claim for compensation of damages in the amount of almost 481,5 thousand RUB