In Kazakhstan named the wanted list for involvement in the attack on Aktobe

The interior Ministry of Kazakhstan announced the names of eight men wanted after Sunday’s attacks on arms stores and a military unit in Aktobe, which authorities called a terrorist attack committed by Islamic radicals.

Just wanted eight people, among them 27-year-old native of Aktobe Dmitry Tanatarov, 25-year-old native of the village of Kargaly Arsene Tanatarov, 30-year-old native of the village of Mikhailovka Aydos Zhubanov, a 32-year-old native of Kyzylorda region Bakyt Kuanyshbayev, 30-year-old native of Akmola region Nurlan Seilov, as well as three natives of Aktobe region — 26-year-old Alibek of Aspenbetov, Aydar Bashimov and Arman Aytugan.

Earlier on Tuesday it became known that the Ministry of interior issued an APB on seven men suspected of involvement in a series of attacks in Aktobe.

Sunday, June 5, a group of armed men raided two gun shop and military unit. Initially, the attackers attacked the weapon shop “Pallada”, and then to another gun shop in the location of military units of the national guard. They managed to steal 17 firearms: three 14 rifled and smooth-bore hunting rifles, three gas guns, ammo and knives.

The victims of the attacks were six people, and another 38 were injured. Most injured soldiers. On Tuesday morning, the Kazakh authorities stated that the number of killed attackers is increased to 13 people. Thus, the total number of victims, according to the latest data, amounted to 19 people.

According to the interior Ministry of Kazakhstan, the attackers suspected, were “adherents of nonconventional religious trends”. According to authorities, criminals tried to take “serious weapons”.

The attacks were recognized as a terrorist attack in Aktobe was entered “level red” terrorist threat in the country — at a lower level, “yellow”.