JPMorgan and RBS will leave traders on the night after the referendum in Britain

A number of banks — U.S. JPMorgan and Morgan Stanley, the Scottish Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), the British Lloyds Banking Group and others are going to keep their currency traders at work throughout the night after the referendum on the UK exit from the EU, to monitor the markets and conduct client transactions. It is reported Bloomberg citing sources familiar with the plans of financial institutions.

Company JPMorgan, based in new York, booked rooms for its traders hotels in the business district of London Canary Wharf, said one of the sources of the Agency, who asked to remain anonymous. RBS will leave to work throughout the night several senior foreign exchange traders who will handle requests for transactions from the United States and Asia, knows another source told Bloomberg.

A referendum in the UK on leaving the EU will take place on June 23. Polling stations will close at 22:00 local time. Employees of the companies for the study of public opinion told the Agency that it has already addressed hedge funds and banks with a request to talk about methods to obtain predictions of the outcome of the vote.

The official exit polls will be published after the polls closed, according to Bloomberg. In this regard, it remains unclear when the first results of voting, to understand the General trend of the outcome of the referendum. The final result of voting will be known not earlier than the next morning, adds Bloomberg.