Lev Khasis found the Russian trade in the “Jurassic Park”

Russia from the point of view of state regulation of trade is “Jurassic Park”, said on Tuesday first Deputy Chairman of Sberbank, the former CEO of X5 Retail Group and co-owner of a grocery network of premium-class “Globus gourmet” Lev Khasis, speaking at an event in the framework of week of Russian retail sector.

“So, today is [state regulation of the trade] happens, from my point of view, suggests that our country is still in Jurassic Park,” said Khasis (quoted by RNS).

A top Manager of Sberbank also said that trading in Russia is “quite gray” because of the monotony of bids and price.

“Fifty shades of grey, many people know this story. Russian trade in General, it is gray, because the trade offer, which market participants are consumers, it also becomes the same. Large and small shops sell the same items for about the same price,” — said the Khasis.

According to him, sooner or later the existing or new players in the market “wants to do things differently” and “will create a new situation.” Then to attract buyers will be insufficient to open a store near their home, said Khasis.

Top Manager predicts that in the future, Internet companies will overtake the current leaders of the market capitalization. “I think that in Russia in the foreseeable future, the most expensive companies are not today’s leaders “the Magnet” and X5, or those (Internet companies that today are small and almost unknown, or those that don’t yet exist”, — he said (quoted by TASS).

That the Russians began to spend more on online purchases, and mostly in foreign online shops, in mid-may, said Association of the companies the Internet-trade (AKIT). According to her, in the first quarter of 2016, the volume of purchases of Russians in online stores abroad increased in comparison with the same period of 2015 to 160%, in Russia — 3%.