Putin explained the reluctance to read a book about yourself

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin admitted that he did not read a single book about yourself, during the presentation of the book by German journalist Hubert Seipel Hubert, “Putin said. The logic of power” in the fields forum “a New era of journalism: farewell to the mainstream” in the building of the Agency “Russia today”.

“And so all know”, — he said (quoted by “Interfax”).

Seipel signed copy to the head of state. “I don’t know why Mr. Seipel did it, I warned him: he’s still in for that. But really, if objectively written. But if he wrote as he wanted where he works, then he’ll be fine,” — said Putin.

In the annotation of the publishing house “Time” to work Seipel Hubert States that “an important advantage of the book is that “it is written on the basis of numerous personal meetings, conversations, joint visits of Vladimir Putin and German television journalist”. At the same time it stresses that the author “offers a view, largely alternative to the Western mainstream.

Seipel — German journalist and author of documentary films of 1950-th year of birth. One of his paintings is “I, Putin. Portrait” (2012), which was released in 2012 on the TV channel ARD.

Last week during the festival the Red square near the Kremlin was presented the three-volume “Direct speech”, which contains, in particular, all of Putin’s message to the Federal Assembly, statements in international forums on “topical issues of internal and foreign policy”, his performances at press conferences and meetings with other heads of States. “They — the real story of the new Russia”, — says the annotation to the book. “Direct speech” is “the tablet that recorded events from the history of the country”, it contains “the real story of the new Russia,” reads the description.