Rosturizm has promised to fight the dumping prices for packages

Selling too cheap tours threatens the stability in the travel market, having barely recovered after a series of bankruptcies of 2014, and therefore the authorities intend to deal with attempts of dumping, said the head of the Federal Agency for tourism (Rostourism) Oleg Safonov.

“Competition should be healthy. To pricing policies of individual companies has not led to a repetition of the events of 2014. We will fight attempts of dumping, which can destroy the whole tourist market”, — said Safonov (quote from the website of the Federal Agency for tourism) at a meeting on safeguarding the rights of tourists in high season 2016.

The Minister noted that the Federal tourism Agency intends to work with the CPS, the Association “Turpomosch” and other organizations to monitor the situation in the tourist market and to act in the interests of Russian tourists.

According to “Turpomoschi”, currently the majority of Russian tour operators in key tourist destinations are approximately in the same price range, and promotions and special offers are short-term. Long the low prices will serve as a signal about the problems in the market, so the “Turpomosch” is going to track sales data, the report says. If the result of the monitoring will be identified cases of dumping, the competent authorities will send the materials for further proceedings.

“No one wants a repeat of 2014, so we request all market participants in a timely manner to contact us, inform about promotions and special offers to immediately remove all questions”, — explained the Director of “Turpomoschi” Oleksandr Osaulenko.

In 2014, activity on the Russian market stopped 27 travel companies. The main reason for the crisis in the tourist market, as noted by the Federal Agency for tourism in his message, became “the pricing policy of a number of players who had unjustifiably understated the price of a tourist product”.

In 2015, the number of trips of Russian tourists abroad fell by 31% (from 17.5 million to 12.5 million trips). By the end of 2016, the tour operators are expected to fall another 30%.