The Americans landed on the teachings in Poland after a 10 hour flight

In Poland during the military exercise “Anakonda-16” Tuesday was a planned operation involving American soldiers who made the landing after a transatlantic flight, reports Bloomberg.

Soldiers of the 82nd airborne division went on exercises with the military base “Fort Bragg” in North Carolina nine transport C-17 on the evening of 6 June, the anniversary of the Normandy operation. During the flight, the aircraft were refueled from their accompanying tankers KC-10 and KC-135. On Tuesday morning after 10 hours of flight 620 U.S. Marines held landing in the center of the Polish city of Torun.

Parallel to this, the soldiers of the 173 airborne brigade USA army landed in the vicinity of the Polish town of Swidwin.

One of the goals of the operation — to work out the interaction forces of the United States and NATO, if necessary, within 18 hours to respond to threats at any distance and demonstrations of the possibility of rapid concentration of forces in one place. The paratroopers were to work out the steps to capture and hold a territory until the main forces, in particular the bridge over the Vistula river.

According to “Radio Poland”, the biggest military exercises in Poland since 1989. According to the scenario, between the two unions there is a conflict. In one of the unions included Poland, the Baltic States and other States, in other countries with fictitious names. The scenario involves the destabilization of the situation in the Baltic sea region, the strengthening of hybrid threats and the invasion of the Baltic States and Poland.

The exercise was attended by about 31 thousand soldiers from 18 NATO countries, as well as of the 5 member States in the program “Partnership for peace”, including 12 thousand Polish soldiers. Will be used 3 thousand combat vehicles, 105 aircraft and helicopters, as well as 12 ships.

The Kremlin said that the teachings in Poland are not conducive to creating a climate of trust. “In any case, the teachings that are based on its legends rather unambiguous indication in an understandable way, of course, do not contribute to an atmosphere of trust and security on the continent”, — said the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov.