The arbitration court assessed that “Korchma “Taras Bulba” taxes on 1 billion rubles.

How to write “Vedomosti”, the reason for the additional taxes and penalties for the period from 2011 to 2013 were the results of the inspection that the operatives GU MVD in Moscow was conducted in August 2014. Then they found in the electronic files of financial indicators, which confirmed the allegedly unreported income. Then the inspection took place in 15 urlich who ran the restaurants where also was found the underestimation of income.

In court materials it is argued that every evening, the night cashiers are twisted checkout”. Moreover, the Director-General and chief accountants of the restaurants that allegedly were associated with the managing network founder Yuri Beloyvan and reported data on daily earnings.

The company “Yunitek-Concern”, which manages one of the chain restaurants have tried to challenge the decision, in which she assessed at 1.8 million rubles, but lost the court on may 24.

Beloyvan he argued that its network will appeal the decision of the tax Inspectorate and a decision on the “Yunitek-Concern”. According to him, the documents testifying to infringements withdrawn with violations, and the resulting materials were used against the network based only on testimony. He also argues that the testimony about the “twist Cass” groundless: all seals were in place, and the device is not damaged.