The business Ombudsman has called home exciting business problem

Among all the problems of the Russian economy businessmen are most concerned about the unpredictability of the government’s decisions in General and the unclear economic policy, said presidential Commissioner for the protection of the rights of entrepreneurs Boris Titov.

“Among all the issues that concern business in the first place is the problem of unpredictability of economic policy. Not even a demand, it is in second place, not even the exchange rate, the volatility of the ruble — in the third place, not even the taxes that are in fourth place, and the interest rate on the fifth, and in General a global problem which is in Russia, — the obscurity of economic policy”, — said Titov (quoted by TASS).

At the end of may 2016 during a meeting with President Vladimir Putin of Russia Boris Titov said that entrepreneurs are more worried about the unstable exchange rate of the ruble, but the “uncertain economic situation” for the first time the survey has risen to second place in the “ranking” business problems.

“It is a difficult year economically, but still would like to see more landmarks from our government. All ask of strategy — where, what sector, what are the main directions will be developed. And in this sense, the business, all of our business organizations are willing to work in this direction and form, e.g., opinion of the business on how the economy should develop in the future”, — said Titov.

Speaking at a meeting with businessmen in Tomsk, the business Ombudsman explained that he intends to tell the President of the country on 234 system problems, without solving which it is impossible the normal development of business. Chief among them Titov considers a mismatch to the needs of time sold during the last 15 years doctrine, aimed at creation of reserves and inflation targeting.

“It was all very profitable and right, it was an effective policy at the stage of commodity economy, when we sold oil and was a constant source of earning for the country. Now, when there is no revenue, oil has fallen in price almost in 2,5–3 times, everything changes. Today we need a new economic policy, because the new economy of Russia needs to develop as an economy that doesn’t depend on the raw material and depends on you, entrepreneurs”, — said Titov at the meeting with businessmen in Tomsk.

According to the business Ombudsman, report on the situation in the field of entrepreneurship in the Russian Federation may be submitted already in June, during the St. Petersburg international economic forum.