Turkey promised to respond to the Bundestag resolution on the Armenian genocide

The foreign Minister of Turkey Mevlut Cavusoglu said that steps will be taken in response to a resolution of the German Bundestag to recognize the Armenian genocide. He said this in an interview with TRT Haber, reports Reuters.

The Minister also stated that Ankara will have to suspend the agreement with the EU, which is intended to stop the flow of migrants to Europe if fails to agree on visa-free entry of Turkish citizens to the EU. According to Cavusoglu, the German government must understand that his position is at odds with the position of the Bundestag, which passed the resolution on recognition of the Armenian genocide.

2 June, the lower house of the German Parliament overwhelmingly passed a resolution recognizing as genocide the mass killings of Armenians in the Ottoman Empire during the First world war. The draft resolution was adopted in the first reading in the spring of 2015, but then for a long time has not been approved from-for unwillingness to worsen German-Turkish relations.

Turkey, successor of the Ottoman Empire, opposed to these murders called genocide, saying the death of civilians was not their deliberate destruction. On the adoption of a resolution by the Bundestag of Turkish authorities reacted in the same day. They withdrew their Ambassador from Germany, and then called the chargé d’affaires of the German Embassy in Ankara. The Turkish government said that “the wrong decision of the German Parliament” responsibly “racist Armenian lobby”.

The Armenian genocide was recognized by over 20 countries, including France and Russia. Last year the President of Russia Vladimir Putin sent to the participants of the event “World without genocide” welcoming telegram, in which was used the word “genocide”: “24 April 1915 — mournful date associated with one of the most terrible and dramatic events in human history — the genocide of the Armenian people.”

Then during participation in the events marking centennial of the Armenian genocide in Yerevan, the Russian head of state used the phrase “mass murder”. “Russia’s position has always been consistent: we believe that the mass murder of people, there can be no excuses,” said Putin.