British ship intercepted a Russian submarine in the North sea

In the North sea intercepted a Russian submarine, reports channel Sky News. According to him, the submarine was spotted by NATO forces, it began to accompany the ship of the Royal Navy HMS Kent.

“This proves that the Navy maintains vigilance in international and territorial waters in order to preserve the security of the UK and protect us from potential threats,” said British defense Secretary Michael Fallon.

According to the commander of the ship HMS Kent Daniel Thomas, soprovozdenie submarines is a routine. “The maintenance of such units is a normal activity for the Royal Navy”, he said. Thomas added that the submarine will be accompanied until such time as will be in sight.

12 may a British Typhoon fighter jets intercepted three Russian military transport plane an-26, An-12 and Il-76, which was close to the Baltic States. UK Ministry of defence said that the planes were intercepted, as it did not respond to requests by radio or transmitted identification code.