Hillary Clinton congratulated the supporters of his nomination for President

Clinton spoke to supporters in Brooklyn right after it became known that she won primaries in new Jersey. This success allowed her to get votes 2469 delegates at the party Congress. In order to secure the democratic nomination she needed support 2383 delegates, points out Politico.

Earlier, the Associated Press and TV company NBC has announced that Clinton secured the nomination after success in the primaries in Puerto Rico, pointing to the super-delegates, who will give her support at the party Congress. Despite this, the staff of the candidate called upon to vote for her on June 7 to build on the success. Moreover, its rival, Bernie Sanders – before the last day refused to admit defeat, saying that the superdelegates will vote only on July 25 and can at the last moment to change its position.

In his speech, Clinton encouraged supporters of his main rival in the primaries –Bernie Sanders – to join its election campaign in the fight for the White house. She also stressed the fact that for the first time in US history a woman has received real chance to become President of the country.

Clinton put forward his candidacy for the 2008 presidential elections, but the primaries lost to Barack Obama, who eventually became the first black President in U.S. history. As a result, in the new administration she was appointed Secretary of state.

The nomination from the Republican party is almost guaranteed the Donald trump. On the last day of the primaries, according to preliminary data, gathered from 67 to 80% in all the States where elections were held. Speaking in new York, trump said that he is waiting for support from supporters of Sanders. “Today we closed one Chapter and started writing a new one,” he said.