Italy gave the organizer of illegal migration to Europe

As reported by Reuters, 35-year-old Medhane the Mered took from last year was in the international wanted list on suspicion in the organization of the channel for the transfer of thousands of people in Europe. On may 24 he was arrested in the Sudanese capital, and on the night of June 8, transmitted to the Italian authorities.

“Mered took the accused led one of the largest criminal networks in Africa. He organized the smuggling of refugees through the Sahara desert to Libya and then across the Mediterranean to Europe”, – reads the statement of the court of Palermo.

Mered took, together with the network led by the Ethiopian Hermaios Armies, which is still wanted.

It is assumed that the leaders of the gang took a lot of money with people willing to move to Europe, sending them across the sea in overcrowded and often unsafe boats. It is assumed that each ship, on Board of which there were 600 people, was brought to criminals an income of from $800 thousand to $1 million

Thanks to the efforts of criminals in the last year alone to Italy got about 150 thousand migrants. This year to Sicily got about 40 thousand people. At least 8 thousand people died in the Mediterranean sea.