Lukashenko expressed support for Putin’s idea to grow bananas in Belarus

“Little secret. In closed session he (Putin. -) said: we will Fund the gardens in Belarus. If possible, better to let your farmers produce apples and so on until the bananas and sell to Russia. I support this position”, — told Lukashenka to Putin’s statement, the correspondent.

Putin, in his speech noted that half of the export products of Belarus is the Russian market, “but maybe even more.” “If some steps be taken, the Belarusian colleagues can do more to supply,” hoped the head of Russia. “We want to have Belarusian products, not transit passing”, — noted the President.

According to statistics of the Federal customs service, during the first half of 2015, Belarus increased the import of food sanctions. In five months of 2015 it was brought to Russia 916,4 thousand tons of goods the importation of which is restricted from certain countries against 568,3 thousand tons in the same period last year, experts of the Moscow Center of international trade. As a result, the share of this country’s sanctions on the supply of food in Russia increased to 21% from 13.5%.

Speaking at the forum Lukashenko also pointed to the inadmissibility of attempts to drive a wedge between the brotherly peoples. “Russian language, our Russian language has the status of a state, reminded the Belarusian leader. — It is clear that the defined forces and you, and we don’t like our full cooperation and convergence. They seek to destroy our unity, drive a wedge between Belarus and Russia, to weaken our position, Therefore, neither us nor you are in any case not to succumb to these attempts and to give to drive a wedge in our brotherly relationship.”

Belarusians, according to Lukashenko, appreciate the attention of the President of Russia and his frequent visits.