The business has reduced the funding parties

All political parties reported about the funding sources and expenditures for 2015. Last week it was made by “United Russia” and “Fair Russia”, is now joined by another 72 officially registered party. Data on incomes of the Agrarian party and the “Party professionals” are not published.

Party medium business

The bulk of the funding of parliamentary parties — funds from the Federal budget. These revenues have doubled compared to last year: in the past for a vote received in the elections, the party received 50 rubles., and after taken in 2015 of the law — 110 RUB. Donations from legal entities and private donors amounted to an average of 20% of the income of the Communist party, “Fair Russia” and LDPR, and company-donators associated with deputies from the parties.

The most generous sponsors of the parliamentary opposition from the liberal democratic party, it has received 223 million rubles of donations (out of 1.1 billion total revenue). In 2014, donations were more: 1.2 billion roubles (1.9 billion total revenue). If in 2014 the company listed the party of Zhirinovsky 1.2 billion, while this year the amount of transfers from legal entities amounted to only 164 million rubles.

Major sponsors of the party in 2015 OOO “Uralagro” and OOO “Siti-MT” who sacrificed their party for 43,3 million RUB followed by chop “Alternative” with 38 million RUB From individuals most donated Sergey Sirotkin (Ivanovo) — 1.4 million rubles., Cyril Badikov (Ufa) — 1.2 million RUB and the Deputy of the state Duma from LDPR Vladimir Sysoyev — almost 500 thousand RUB, the Party cannot put in any framework of charitable assistance, “Today have less to sacrifice tomorrow more can not guess here”, — said Vice-speaker of the state Duma from LDPR Igor Lebedev.

The Communists received very little of the parliamentary opposition sponsorship. From 1.55 billion RUB of income only amounted to 31,3 donations. Last year donations from the Communists was slightly more, 44 million rubles of the Company listed Communists 18 million, in 2014, the legal person was posetovali 21 million, the largest donation last year – 3.6 million rubles. — made in Omsk regional cultural-educational public organization “Integration”. According to SPARK, the organization is headed by the Deputy of the state Duma from the Omsk region Alexander Kravets. 2.9 million RUB sacrificed, OOO “Evrostroy-2000”. Co-owner of the company, according to SPARK, is a “Corporation lighthouse”, whose President is the Deputy of legislative Assembly of Sverdlovsk region from the Communist party Vladimir Konkov. Oil company “Yug-Nefteproduct” the Communists gave 2 million rubles. a co-Owner of the company listed in SPARK Batyr Agayev. In the past people with the same name was co-owner of AOZT Karat together with Bekhan Agayev. Patronymic both agaevich — Vahaevich. According to Forbes, Bekhan — the son of the Deputy of the state Duma from Krasnoyarsk region Vakha Agayev. He also was a former Chairman of the Supervisory Board “Yug-Nefteproduct”, wrote the publication.

“Fair Russia” has received not only additional budget financing, but also more generous sponsors compared to last year: entities listed SRS 84 million RUB compared to 51 million in 2014. The total income of the party has doubled: 1.1 billion in 2015, against 574 million in 2014.

The largest contributions to the socialist-revolutionaries in 2015 has made an investment company OJSC “Russ-invest”, whose President is Alexander Bychkov, the Deputy-Eser of the legislative Assembly of Kaluga region. CJSC “Mikheevskaya mining and processing plant” donated 12 million rubles, and another 7 million rubles. gave a party in Belgorod, OOO Proektnoe UPRAVLENIE ZHBK-1″. List of donors of the “Fair Russia” in comparison with 2014 have not changed much. However, among them for two years is not the founder of the group “Rolf”, a state Duma Deputy Sergei Petrov, who is one of the richest MPs in total family income (RUB 262 million in 2015).

The leader among all the parties on income remains “United Russia” in 2015, the party received more than 5 billion RUB Her sponsors also transferred party less: in 2014, companies received 1.3 billion rubles. th donations, and in 2015 only 936 million

Party personal money

A third of all parties in 2015 does not lead the financial activities of: 25 of the 76 parties reported zero income. Among these there are known party, such as “Civilian power”, which was previously headed by the Plenipotentiary of the government in the higher courts Mikhail Barshchevsky. There are also less-known party — for example, “Against all” or “Honestly”.

The largest income among the non-parliamentary forces received “Apple”, as the party with the Duma elections more than 3% of the vote, is public funding. She received about 250 million rubles., but in the form of donations, only about 800 thousand RUB. (last year the party received 111 million rubles of donations). In the past year legal entities translated “Apple” of 105 million rubles., this year only 10 thousand Everything else in 2015, “the Apple” received from chastnyz people.

Less “Patriots of Russia” — about 60 million rubles. last year their income was 11 million rubles and 60 million rubles. gave the company. This year, from the “Patriots” only got 4 million

Party PARNAS Mikhail Kasyanov last year got slightly less than 10 million rubles the year before the income of the party amounted to about 5.5 million rubles, and in 2013 — almost 14 million rubles In previous years, the largest sponsor of the party was killed in March 2015, Boris Nemtsov. In the latest report it is also listed — translated party 740 thousand. the Main sponsor was the businessman Musa Sadayev, PARNAS donated about 2 million rubles. Sadayev was born in Chechnya in 2005 he became the head of coordination Council of democratic forces of the Chechen Republic. Now it is part of the Federal political Council PARNAS and head of the anti-corruption Committee of the North Caucasus. The legal entity of the party of money is not transferred, all income created 12 people.

The income of the other political forces — is significantly lower. “Green Alliance” received about 650 thousand rubles, “the Right thing” (this year it was renamed the “Party of growth” after it was headed by the business Ombudsman Boris Titov) earned 89 thousand rbl. the Income of the parties relating to the so-called pool of political strategist Andrei Bogdanov, was almost negligible. For example, the Communist party of social justice received 200 roubles (the party participated in the September a single day of voting), and Democratic party of Russia — zero RUB.

Business parties can not apply, since for many of them, increased government funding, said political analyst Konstantin Kalachev. In addition, according to him, the business declined interest in party life because of increased fractional disciplines, and lobbying individual members of Parliament became more and more critical.