The defense Ministry surprised at the reaction in Britain to the emergence of the Russian submarine

The defense Ministry has expressed bewilderment in connection with the message that a Russian submarine was intercepted in the North sea by a ship of the Navy of great Britain. In the management of the press service and information of the Russian defense Ministry stated that the boat carried out a planned transition to the place of permanent deployment, “Interfax”.

“Diesel-electric submarine of 636.3 project “Stariy Oskol” after completion of the tests in the Baltic and Northern fleets carries out the planned inter-fleet transfer to place of permanent deployment to the black sea fleet”, — quotes Agency the message of the Ministry of defense.

It also notes that the submarine “itself should be on the surface, accompanied by a tugboat “Altai”.

“The Russian defense Ministry also surprised that the submarine was running at low speed on the surface, accompanied by a tugboat it took the combined efforts of the Royal Navy and NATO allies,” — said the defense Ministry.

The Ministry said that “it would be strange if the Royal Navy with its NATO allies would not have noticed the boat, the more that counter-passing and parallel courses merchant Navy ships from different countries is an old Maritime tradition welcomed our sailors in the Barents, Norwegian and North seas for several days of transition.”

Earlier Wednesday Sky News reported that NATO forces have noticed in the North sea the Russian submarine, and it began to accompany the ship of the Royal Navy HMS Kent. The commander of the vessel, Daniel Thomas noted that the support “of such units is a routine activity for the British Navy.

On 1 June it was reported that the submarine “Stary Oskol” has completed the cycle of tests in the Northern fleet and went to the place of permanent basing of the black sea fleet.