The interior Ministry offered to increase penalties for reproductive pedestrians drivers

The interior Ministry of Russia proposes to strengthen administrative liability for failure to provide advantage in movement to pedestrians or other road users, increasing the penalty for this violation of traffic rules by 1.7 times. A draft bill was posted on the Federal portal of projects of normative legal acts.

Now the driver does not give way to pedestrians, cyclists or other road users, with the exception of drivers, taking advantage in movement, can be fined on 1,5 thousand rbl. of the Ministry of interior predlagaet to increase the penalty to 2,5 thousand rubles.

In the explanatory note to the draft law said that the measure would serve “to ensure the security of life and health of the most vulnerable road users — pedestrians”.

The authors cite statistics, according to which in 2015 year in Russia has occurred almost 19,8 accidents at pedestrian crossings, which killed 1.2 thousand people, 19,6 thousand people were injured. In 2014, according to the interior Ministry, there were 19,4 such accidents, the result of which 1.2 thousand people were killed and injured were of 19.2 thousand.

To toughen penalties for traffic violations in mid-March requested the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. June 8 came into force a ban on dangerous driving, whereby drivers are prohibited to do a sharp changeover, overtaking and braking and to keep a safe distance. Earlier, on may 30 the government of Russia has suggested to deprive of the rights for three traffic violations in one year.