The Kremlin has called “absolute slander” new allegations of Russian doping

Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov commented on the message required on the new investigation by German TV channel ARD, which will air on Wednesday, June 8. Recently the media reported that the film will be presented documents according to which the Russian sports Minister Vitaly Mutko prevented the publication of data on doping one of the players of the Russian Premier League.

“We all remember that the President of Russia sent a clear signal regarding the inadmissibility to us and talked about this, by the way, the Minister Mutko, the use of any types of doping in sport. Russia acts categorically against it,” Peskov said to journalists, reports “Interfax”. The President’s press Secretary commented on the ARD investigation and information about what Mutko personally involved in the concealment of the facts of the use of doping, said the Agency.

“However, all this does not mean that we are ready to accept any allegations, allegations. As long as some intelligible evidence or evidence of the slander we have not heard, we are going to treat this as an absolute slander”, — said Peskov. According to him, Russia condemns the use of doping, where it is recorded,” but against proven cases of doping cast a shadow on honest athletes.

Peskov also said that the Russian national team continues preparing for the summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, which will be held in August this year, in spite of publications on the use of doping Russian athletes. “The team is training planned to participate in the Olympic games, of course, a smear campaign, but no degree, they do not increase”, — Peskov said (quoted by RIA “Novosti”).

Wednesday, 8 June in the German TV channel ARD will be shown a new film about doping in Russian sports. The Daily Telegraph journalist Ben Ramsey, announcing the film in his Twitter, attached to the post text, which referred to the Minister of sports of Russia Vitaly Mutko: “the film presents the documents on which Mutko prevented the publication of data on doping one of the players of the Russian Premier League.

Previously Mutko, commenting on the new film, said that the doping scandals in one country do not cause such attention and noted that the new documentary will be released in the eve of the meeting of the International Association of athletics federations (IAAF), which will address the question of admission of Russian athletes for the summer Olympics. IAAF meeting will be held on June 17.

The announcement of a new documentary called “Recognition for Russia” was published Monday on the website of the German TV channel. In a press release from the ARD stated that the new film will “show whether to believe the statements of Russia’s readiness to ensure a clean sport or the sports world will be fooled again”.

ARD was first released the film about doping in Russian sport in December 2014. It said that Russian athletes systematically use illicit drugs.