The number of refugees worldwide has reached the level of the Second world war

Global peace index is compiled by the Sydney Institute of Economics and peace based on 23 qualitative and quantitative indicators. The index shows that in 2016, the 81 countries of the world improved its rate of peacefulness, and 79 countries have worsened. In General, the world has become less peaceful by 0.53% (this is the worst result over the last five years).

Record values, according to the index, made up deaths in terrorist attacks. Compared to last year’s report on the peace index, this figure rose to 80%. Only 69 countries in the world, according to the index, are not faced with the terrorist attacks in 2015-2016. The number of countries in which victims of terrorist attacks during the year were more than 500 people, has doubled from 5 to 11. By the end of 2015 the number of victims has made more than 32 thousand 286% higher than in 2008. The number of people killed in armed conflicts has grown over the seven years five times — up to 101 thousand people, which is the worst figure for the last 25 years. About 57 million people in 2015 have been displaced — the worst figure since the end of world war II.

Like last year, the most peaceful country, according to the rating, was Iceland. It is followed by Denmark, Austria, New Zealand and Portugal. The last lines of the global ranking of peacefulness occupy Iraq, South Sudan and Syria. The least peaceful country in Europe, the drafters of the rating recognized Ukraine (156), Russia ranks 151 out of 163 line-x (last ranking — 152nd place).

Among the indicators that analyze the compilers of the index — the number of violent deaths, the level of militarization of the country and the volume of arms imports, the situation of violent mortality in the country, etc. the Most significant deterioration in the peace index occurred in the middle East and North Africa (this region was the most troubled). The most calm and peaceful region of the world has become Europe — most significantly there has worsened, Turkey’s position and Украины0. If you look at the global results, a leader in the deterioration of the “level of peace” was Yemen, where the ongoing internal conflict with the participation of the Shiite rebels-Houthis.

The report authors also called the “cost of violence” in 2015 — according to them, it amounted to $13.6 trillion — this figure accounts for 13.3% of world GDP and 11 times more foreign direct investment.

The main reason for the deterioration of the situation of violence in the world are the conflicts in the middle East, said the report’s author and founder of the Institute for Economics and peace Steve Killelea. “If we look at the figures for the previous year and subtract from the bottom results in the Middle East, you will see that the world has become more peaceful”, — he said to Reuters.