The state Duma has decided not to hurry with the deprivation Mitrofanova parliamentary mandate

The state Duma Commission on Deputy ethics recommended to deprive of the mandate of a Deputy Ilya Ponomaryov. On Wednesday told journalists the Chairman of the Commission Viktor Zavarzin at the end of the session.

Deputy Alexey Mitrofanov is still in the Duma — the Commission received documents about the state of his health, which will be explored further. “According to Ponomarev we made the unanimous decision to approve the grounds, which entitle the state Duma to raise the issue of early termination of powers. All documents are available. As for Mitrofanova, we had some documents of a medical nature, according to which the ethical standards can not repeat. We decided to further study these documents for a decision” — said Zavarzin.

The Commission will present its recommendations to the Council of the Duma, and he will put the issue to the plenary session. The issue may be resolved as early as Friday, June 10, did not rule out Zavarzin.

On Monday, the request to deprive Mitrofanova Ponomarev and mandates directed to the Commission by the faction “Fair Russia”.

According to the accepted may 10, the law the Deputy can be deprived of the mandate, if it is within 30 days not involved in plenary meetings, not working in the Committee or meet with voters in the regions. To initiate the withdrawal of the mandate may either faction, which is the MP, or his Committee. They send the materials to the Duma Commission on ethics, and she decides whether there are grounds for punishing the MP. The Commission shall issue to the whole Council. The Deputy loses the mandate, by the vote of a majority of the deputies. The leader eserov Sergey Mironov said at the faction meeting that the party all of the obligations under the procedure performed, and what will happen next “these gentlemen”, he doesn’t care.

First Deputy Chairman of the faction of the social revolutionaries Mikhail Emelyanov explained the reasons for the decision of the party to those that Ponomarev and Mitrofanov did not participate in the work of the committees and did not appear in the regions. Ponomarev said after that takes part in the voting of the state Duma (for him by proxy votes of the deputies Dmitry Gudkov), and his assistants working in the reception.

Ponomarev and Mitrofanov members of the faction “Fair Russia”, but are not members of the party. Mitrofanova was expelled in 2012 over what was voted for the appointment of the Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, contrary to the position of the faction. Ponomariov, participant in rallies to protest against the results of the 2011 elections, left the party in 2013 in a sign of solidarity with Dmitry and Gennady Goodmovie who were expelled for refusal to quit the opposition’s coordination Council.

Mitrofanov was stripped of his parliamentary immunity in June 2014, the summer of the same year he left Russia. This happened after the prosecution in a criminal case initiated on the fact of extortion of $200 thousand in the capital of a businessman Vyacheslav Zharova.

Ponomarev is a defendant in a criminal case on embezzlement of funds of SKOLKOVO, he is charged with “complicity in embezzlement”. In April 2015, the state Duma deprived of immunity. He also left Russia.