The United States sent in aircraft carriers of the Mediterranean sea due to Russian military activity

Naval forces of the United States will be represented in the Mediterranean and two aircraft carriers — “Harry Truman” and “Dwight D. Eisenhower” — in the eve of the summit in Warsaw on 8-9 July, as Washington seeks to balance the military activity of Russia and to accelerate the fight against “Islamic state” (ISIS banned in Russia as a terrorist organization). About it reports Reuters, citing officials of the U.S. Navy.

“Harry Truman” give-reaching duty in the Persian Gulf “Dwight Eisenhower”, which in turn will allow the first ship will be back in the US after an eight-month campaign, told Reuters a source aboard “Truman”.

This step of the U.S. Navy will coincide with the military exercises of NATO in Eastern Europe and Turkey, the Agency added a senior source in the Pentagon.

According to the representative of the European command of captain Danny Hernandez, “the continuation of the campaign “Truman” and his movement in the European theatre, along with the connection of shock groups “Eisenhower” will contribute to the deterioration of ISIL and a number of relevant benefits.”

Hernandez also noted that the deployment of aircraft carriers aims to facilitate such operations as “Atlantic determination” (Atlantic Resolve Operation), which aims to “obnadezhennye US allies in Europe after the annexation of Crimea to Russia”.

Operation Atlantic resolve was launched by the U.S. armed forces in 2014 and is a complex of measures aimed at combating the threat, which, in Washington’s opinion, comes from Russia. Moscow, meanwhile, has repeatedly stated that the Russian threat to the West is a myth, and in fact Russia should be wary of increased action of NATO at its borders.