The US has accused China of dangerous intercept his plane

As reported by Reuters, two sources at the Ministry of defense. Air force fighter China J-10 the “unsafe way” intercepted an American reconnaissance plane RC-135 in the neutral airspace over the East China sea. The blame to the Chinese pilot put the fact that he approached the American too fast.

Officially, the Pentagon has not commented on the incident.

In may, Washington already were claims by Chinese pilots. Then the Pentagon said that two air force fighter of China flew just 15 metres from us aircraft EP-3 in the skies over the South China sea. The defense Ministry considered this behavior a violation of international agreements.

Incidents over the sea occur on the background of the statement by the State Department that Washington will consider a possible provocation attempt by Beijing to spread the area of air safety in the South China sea.

USA for several years accused China of militarization of the South China sea, pointing to the construction of Beijing in this region of artificial Islands. In China, in response, point to the increased number of American military patrols in the region.

In mid-April in an “unsafe behavior” NATO blamed Russia. The occasion was the maneuver of the pilot of the su-24 flew right over the deck of the USS “Thomas cook” in the neutral waters of the Baltic sea. In Moscow, in response, said that the bomber carried out a training flight in full compliance with international standards.