Crashing in the savings Bank allowed the Muscovite to “earn” RUB 27 million.

Moskvich Konstantin Shengelia due to the failure of the online system of the savings Bank for a few hours and increased my account balance from 900 to 27 million rubles, said on Thursday The man said that on 2 June found in a mobile application of Sberbank, which through it you can purchase 1 gram of silver per 1 RUB and sell it at a price of 35 rubles.

“I thought that I had failed the mobile app, while riding in the bus to work, sat and played. For dinner, I was already a millionaire,” — said the Muscovite.

In his words, he “hoped for a miracle”, but later he was contacted by representatives of the savings Bank and explained that the failure occurred. After this his account was blocked, and all transactions canceled, he said. “When the card is unlocked, the balance went negative, and I still have 6.5 thousand to Sberbank RUB,” said Shengelia.

The press service of Sberbank has confirmed that in June “for a short period of time” operations sale of metals the online system was conducted on the incorrect course. The press service also confirmed that one of the customers, “taking advantage of the situation”, he held several operations. The amount of money received by the client as a result of these operations, the press service did not specify.

Sberbank was forced to cancel all operations, reported the press service. “Because some part of the amount received, the client still had to withdraw from their accounts, reversing journals resulted in a technical overdraft on the account”, — stated in the message of Sberbank received .

The press service added that in such situations, the Bank contacts the customer, apologizes and warns about responsibility for the misuse of funds received in error.