French troops arrived in Syria to help the rebels

French special forces arrived in Northern Syria, advising the rebels, advancing on the positions of the “Islamic state” (ISIS banned in Russia as a terrorist organization). This was announced at a briefing the official representative of the French army, Colonel Gilles Jaron, reports Reuters.

According to him, the French defence Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian confirmed that Paris provides the rebels with weapons, air support and consultation in the framework of the campaign to oust ISIL militants from the territory along the Syrian-Turkish border. We are talking about trying to take control of the border town of Manbij.

However, details about the work of special forces in Syria army spokesman refused to tell.

“We never went into details about anything associated with the special forces, which by their nature special. You won’t get any details, [and it is] to protect the activities of these people,” said Jaron. He said only that the rebels, which advises the French special forces, are now fighting for control of border town of Manbij.

The offensive on the positions of ISIS in the district of Manuja the Syrian opposition, with US support started last week. As Reuters wrote at the time, the main purpose of surgery is overlapping the rebels access to the border with Turkey, which they used to send terrorists to Europe.