From Primorye to the Caucasus: what are the economic zones can be close

reviewed audit work of special economic zones, which was held by the Prosecutor General’s office. The Agency concludes that “numerous violations of the law” in the activities of the authorities at Federal and regional levels, JSC “Special economic zones” and other companies engaged in the management areas.

The accuracy of the materials, which set out the results of the test, confirmed by a representative of the Prosecutor General. He said that the Prosecutor General’s office in the spring of inspected execution of the legislation on special economic zones and recently presented the results to the President.

The document States that the government has allocated for the 33 creation of special economic zones 179 billion rubles from the budgets of all levels, investment by residents amounted to 177 billion rubles. funds Received for a long time not used and just placed on Deposit. The cost of labor in managing companies and payment incentives are not put in dependence on achieved goals and results. The amount of bonuses the employees of JSC “SEZ” for 2015 amounted to RUB 180 million (a third of the wage Fund), calculated in the Prosecutor’s office. While there is still no unified strategy of development, not the infrastructure, not created conditions for attracting investment. The current situation, the report says, has led to the “appearance reason” for the closure of the ten zones on their territory have not appeared residents, according to the materials of the Prosecutor General. We are talking about the SEZ in Primorsky and Khabarovsk Krai, Murmansk region, as well as seven special economic zones, included in the tourist cluster of the North Caucasus.

Who is under attack

That the number of SEZ can be reduced, June 9, reported “Kommersant”. According to the publication, on may 27, President Vladimir Putin instructed the government to develop a unified strategy of the SEZ, to ensure optimization of budget investments and the mechanisms for their transmission under the control of subjects of the Russian Federation. In addition, the instruction dealt with the suspension of the creation of new SEZs to the development of common approaches to their establishment and discontinuance of ineffective SEZs. The order came after the inspections of the SEZ by the state office of public Prosecutor and audit chamber and of the report about the poor performance of the SEZ from the head of the control and audit Department of the presidential administration Konstantin Chuichenko.

Inspection of the SEZ was preceded by the meeting of Putin with activists of the popular front (and they are included in a working group at the Ministry of economic development SEZ). In November 2015 the activists of the popular front presented the President with a critical report about the economic zones. As the head of the onf project “For fair procurement” Anastasia, Matulenko, the report mentioned several areas, including ones that are “not invested a dime”, although areas exist for many years. For example, the port special economic zone “Sovetskaya Gavan” in the Khabarovsk Krai tourist and “Gate of Baikal” in Irkutsk region. 80% of the SEZ is completely ineffective, says Matulenko. The big question at the front to the tourist special economic zone in Buryatia. “In the framework of the built infrastructure on 4 billion roubles, — she says. — Anchor investors but failed to attract. There were talks to give back the area to control the region, but he will not pull this.” Ineffective, in the opinion of the activists of the popular front, and port zone in Ulyanovsk region, where there were “no sewer, no water”, as well as technology development special economic zones in Zelenograd and tourism “Altai Valley”. “In General, tourist SEZ the weakest,” says Matulenko.

In accordance with the Federal law “On special economic zones in the Russian Federation” the decision on closing of a particular SEZ is taken by the government. Which zones can be closed, not resolved, said two sources in the government. “But the conclusions you can do yourself. In accordance with the law if within three years on the territory of SEZ is not registered any resident and no activity corresponding to the type of zone, such area may be closed. On this basis we will propose to the government to make a decision”, — says the official Ministry of economic development. Among the areas that can be closed primarily dealt with tourism, says a government source. He noted that this decision had long developed in the government, in particular with Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak. The official representative of the Deputy Prime Minister declined to comment.

Kozak in November 2015, said that those areas that do not want to manage the regions, will be eliminated. “With regard to the overall effectiveness of the institution (SEZ), I estimate it at C grade. For today’s five zones, which work quite well. Among them — Lipetsk zone “Alabuga”, Togliatti. Many, unfortunately, do not reach”, — he said (quoted by “RIA Novosti”). As reported “Interfax” with reference to the official financial-economic bloc of the government, in the budget in the years 2017-2019 will not provide money for construction of the SEZ.

The verdict of the auditors

The conclusions of the state office of public Prosecutor partially coincide with the results of the audit of the accounting chamber, which, as explained by its representative, also previously checked the implementation of the legislation in the sphere of SEZ on behalf of the President following the meeting with activists of the popular front. In the report of the accounting chamber, presented in the spring of this year, says that taking into account the ratio of the invested funds of the Federal budget, provided to the SEZ tax and customs benefits to the total volume of investments of residents and paid taxes and customs payments (including jobs created) at the moment it is not efficient to SEZ tourism cluster. The work was checked for 2014-2015, if necessary, more periods.

Among inefficient is called a port special economic zone “Sovetskaya Gavan” in the Khabarovsk Krai (established in accordance with the government resolution of 31 December 2009): calculations of the accounting chamber, the amount invested in the creation of this SEZ funds from the Federal budget amounted to UAH 183.7 mln., attracted investments do not exist. And regarding the SEZ in Murmansk, established in the fall of 2010, States that for 2014 and 2015 (1 January 2016) not created any jobs.

In Primorsky Krai was created turistsko-recreational special economic zone “Russian Island”. JSC “SEZ” signed a contract with the Institute of regional policy on the development of the concept of development in this zone. Cost of services amounted to 23.6 mln. following the construction of the economic zone was considered inappropriate due to “low recreation potential of the island and its quite harsh climate,” reads the report of the accounting chamber. The Ministry of economic development at the end of 2015 sent a report to the government for reconsideration of the issue of termination of existence of the SEZ on the island of Russian.

Previously, as follows from the materials of SP, the special economic zone “Russian Island” has tried to close in 2014. But at a meeting with Kozak in January 2015 took the decision about its development without Federal funding. You were also talking about the need to transfer the Ministry of defence land in the property of the Primorsky territory administration with the obligation of the administration to attract residents to the SEZ. “Russian Ministry of defense needed land plots in property of the Primorsky territory administration has so far not transferred in connection with the development of the SEZ TRT “Russian Island” is impossible”, — stated in the report of the accounting chamber.

The official representative of JSC “SEZ” reported that the COP and Prosecutor General’s office were, but with questions about which areas may be closed, forwarded to the Ministry. The representative of the Ministry said that the Agency “only has the instruction to develop common approaches to the SEZ and the Ministry of economic development is working to improve the institution of the SEZ, taking into account comments and proposals on the results of inspections. “Currently, we are working with the regions to conclude agreements on the transfer of powers to manage the special economic zone”, — said the representative office.