FSB has warned about the threat pereverbovki their employees because of debts

The FSB proposes to oblige those wishing to enlist in counterintelligence to report on personal bankruptcy, according to the draft amendment order, published on the website of regulatory legal acts. The document was posted on the portal on 9 June.

As noted in the explanatory note, “in recent years, foreign intelligence services strengthened operation on infiltration into the FSB”. The note emphasizes that personal bankruptcy has significant negative consequences in the case of indebtedness of an employee of the security agencies”.

“The procedure for recognition bankrupt may present a risk of disclosure of affiliation (the information on personal data of a bankrupt shall be published in the Internet and media) and additional conditions for recruiting approaches by foreign intelligence services or criminal groups”, — the document says.

Applicants for a place in the FSB will need to report personal bankruptcy yourself or spouse and debt, which exceeds 500 thousand rubles, and not redeemed within three months after when they were supposed to be executed.

The document also proposed to require future employees of the FSB to talk about what I concluded if their close relatives marriages with foreigners, persons without citizenship and citizens of Russia, who either live outside the country for more than six months during the year, either drawn up documents for departure for permanent residence in another state.

On 8 June the state Duma approved a bill that obliges to notify the Russian authorities about the marriage and other acts of civil status abroad.

The law on bankruptcy of natural persons came into force on 1st October 2015. The procedure takes place in several stages: first the borrower or the lender goes to arbitration, then the parties may negotiate the restructuring or to sign the world. In case of failure of negotiations the decision is made in court. The borrower is declared bankrupt, if its debt exceeds 500 thousand rubles, he can not pay at the appointed time and the delay is not less than three months.

Write off the debts of the bankrupt, and the property sold at an electronic auction. During the procedure, the debtor will not be able to leave the country. Within five years the bankrupt will not be able to obtain the loan, additionally, it will not be able to take up leadership positions.