George Soros returned to operations in the financial market after the break

American billionaire George Soros (23-e a place in Forbes global rating, assessment — $24.9 billion) returned to the operations management in the financial market and invested in gold based on the weakening of certain sectors in global markets, writes the newspaper the Wall Street Journal, citing sources close to the issue.

According to interlocutors of the edition, Soros, “anxious about the prospects of the world economy and interested in major shifts in the market, which can be on hand,” recently made some big investments. Starting in 2016, Soros spends more time in the office of the Fund Soros Fund Management LLC, which manages the family of a billionaire, manages operations and is more common with the administering of the Fund, said the sources.

According to the WSJ, the last time George Soros was actively involved in the investment management Soros Fund Management in 2007: then, worried about the state of the property market, the financier spent several transactions, which in two years has brought more than $1 billion. In recent years, Soros has focused his attention to political activities and charity, although it continued to monitor the activities of the Fund.

In may, Soros Fund Management has issued statements which indicated that the company gets rid of its stock investments in USA and buys shares in companies related to precious metals. Investments of the Fund in Barrick Gold on March 31 was estimated at $263 million, This asset was the largest traded on the American stock exchange.