In Washington, “Harry Truman” called a means to force Moscow to think

The appearance in the Mediterranean of the US aircraft carrier “Harry Truman” should be a signal to Moscow and a demonstration of the flexibility capabilities of the U.S. Navy, writes the newspaper the Wall Street Journal, citing the words of a military official.

He also added that the presence of an aircraft carrier in the Mediterranean sea will allow “to deter Russian”. “The unpredictability of what we do with the “Truman” makes them think twice,” — said the source publication.

Rear Admiral Bret Batchelder had previously told journalists that the transfer of the aircraft carrier from the Persian Gulf through the Suez canal is will help to convince member countries of NATO in the willingness of the U.S. to maintain the balance of naval forces in the Mediterranean sea.

Previously in the U.S. Navy reported that in the Mediterranean they will be represented by two aircraft carriers — “Harry Truman” and “Dwight D. Eisenhower”. It happened on the eve of the NATO summit in Warsaw on 8-9 July, as Washington seeks to balance the military activity of Russia and to accelerate the fight against “Islamic state” (ISIS banned in Russia as a terrorist organization).

This step of the U.S. Navy will coincide with the military exercises of NATO in Eastern Europe and Turkey, the Agency added a senior source in the Pentagon. The representative of the European command captain Danny Hernandez explained that “the continuation of the campaign “Truman” and his movement in the European theatre, along with the connection of shock groups “Eisenhower” will contribute to the deterioration of ISIL and a number of relevant benefits.”