Japan reported the approach to its borders ships of Russia and China

In the night of Thursday, June 9, frigate China Navy sailed to a distance of 24 nautical miles (38 km) from the territory of the Senkaku Islands in the East China sea, which Japan schitaet his (island in China known under the name Diaoyu, China also challenges these territories), reports Reuters with reference to the statement of the government of Japan. Almost at the same time near the island there are three koraba of the Russian Navy.

Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of Japan Saiki Akitaka the morning of Thursday summoned the Chinese Ambassador in Tokyo to “Express serious concern” in connection with the incident.

“We are concerned that this move is causing tensions to a higher level,” said chief Cabinet Secretary of Japan yoshihide Suga during a press conference in Tokyo.

By its sloam over this situation work relevant ministries. In addition, Japan intends to work closely with US in this matter.

Almost simultaneously with Chinese ship close to the island came three ships of the Navy of Russia, which caused concern on the part of Japan, Reuters reports.

At Sloan yoshihide’s Sugi, the Japanese government is investigating this fact, to determine whether coordination of the actions of the courts of Russia and China.

The defense Ministry of China, responding to the statements of the authorities of Japan, called the actions of their ships are legitimate. “No other country has no right to make hasty comments on this issue”, — Goritsa in the Ministry of defence, quoted by Reuters.

The Russian government has not officially commented on the incident.

Deputy assistant U.S. Secretary of state Colin Willett soobshu Reuters that the state Department is in contact with the Japanese government on this issue. “While I have no details, I can’t comment on the reaction of [Washington]”, she added.