Mentioned in “the Panama papers,” the Deputy refused to take to the polls

Not proven merit

Deputy Igor Ananskikh will not go on elections of the state Duma from the liberal democratic party, said Chairman of the Supreme Council of LDPR, Vice-speaker of the state Duma Igor Lebedev. All the deputies from the liberal democratic party, which are not included in the lists of party on elections of the state Duma of the seventh convocation, in five years, failed to prove that he deserved the mandate, he explained. Ananskikh did not comment on this information.

Ananskikh was elected to the state Duma in 2011, the Leningrad region on the LDPR list. Now he is a member of the sport Committee, which he headed until July last year. Members signed 19 bills, mostly involving sport. Ananskikh, in particular, offered a simplified procedure to receive Russian citizenship outstanding foreign athletes (bill was vetoed).

Not the last role in the decision of the party not to take a new Deputy in the Duma played a scandal over undeclared property in the United States and the appearance of its name in the “Panamanian offshore”, said Lebedev.

The Deputy in March 2014, became involved in the investigation of the Fund of struggle against corruption (FBK) Alexei Navalny. It was reported that Ananskikh didn’t get rid of the eight undeclared apartments in Miami: he sold them offshore, which is registered in the company that he led before he became a Deputy. About these apartments BCF reported in 2013, and then Ananskikh argued that all sold before he was elected MP in 2011. The Deputy always declared a modest income for 2015, he indicated an income of 4.7 million rubles.

In may 2016 name Ananskikh was listed in the list of owners “of the Panama offshore companies”. In the database of the law firm Mossack Fonseca, published by the International consortium of investigative journalists (ICIJ), contained information about the company Westquality Inc., operating since the year 2000. This offshore company was listed in the database as valid. Ananskikh then explained that the information shown in these documents, “nonsense” and does not have any relation to it.

In the new convocation without the old offshore

Just based on Mossak Fonseka in addition to Ananskikh was mentioned five persons, whose data coincided with the names deistvuyuschih of deputies of the state Duma. Among them — the Deputy-United Russia, the participant of list Forbes Mikhail Slipenchuk (in the British virgin Islands, according to the database, since 2000, registered its offshore Euroimpex Group Corp.). Slipenchuk explained that he had owned shares in the company but sold them in 2007.

Slipenchuk announced his candidature in the primaries “United Russia”, but on the eve of voting has withdrawn the candidacy. The interlocutors in the party explained that it is unable to remove him due to the resulting “negative signals”, including information about the offshore. He said that the decision was made “through no fault of his circumstances”. The leadership of the party earlier declared that the victory in the primaries — a condition of inclusion in the electoral list.

Another United Russia, Viktor Zvagelsky was connected to the Panamanian companies Delcroft Real Estate Consultants and Bariton. He confirmed that he had the power of attorney on the company Bariton Consultants, but seceded from its members in 2012, the existence of the second company he had not heard. Zvagelsky announced his candidacy in the primaries, but could not participate because has not complied with the formal requirement of the rules twice to participate in the debate. This year he attended the Congress of the “Party of Growth” Boris Titov, but the decision to join the party or be nominated on her list is also not stated.

Documents in the Panamanian was the Deputy Alexander Babakov, previously owned AED International Limited the British virgin Islands. The law banning ownership of foreign assets. adopted in 2013, the MP is not violated, as in 2011 handed over the company to his adult daughter. He confirmed his relationship with the company, noting that he had not engaged in management. Babakov did not applied for primaries for the selection of candidates in deputies of the state Duma, but participated in the preliminary vote to determine the candidates to the regional Duma the Tambov region. “Kommersant” wrote that the local Parliament in the autumn to delegate it to the Federation Council

Non-performing offshore was the former Chairman of the Board of Directors of YUKOS, MP from the Communist party Sergei Muravlenko. Muravlenko and his wife Nina were listed by owners of shares in the Auger International ltd in the Bahamas.

The document also revealed MP from the Communist Denis Boronenkov. In his name were registered by the company Tarrington Real Estates S. A. (established in 2009) and Kaul Engineering Ltd (established in 2007), both in the British virgin Islands. The first company was listed as the current (base current until 2015), the second ceased to exist in 2012. Voronenkov called data on offshore “nonsense”. About his plans for the nomination of the new Duma Boronenkov have not yet been told.

No General solution to expel from the Duma defendants “Panamanian archive” there, says a source close to the Kremlin. According to him, in the case of each Deputy in their career was influenced by different circumstances. For example, Ananskikh disagreement with the liberal democratic party to further the support of the party. The same thing happened with Slipenchuk, ” his friend says.