Mutko responded to allegations of cover-up doping tests

The head of the Ministry of sports of Russia Vitaly Mutko found the data unconvincing film of the German TV channel ARD about doping in Russian sports.

In the recently released film journalist, Hyo Seppelt it was alleged that the sports Minister was involved in the concealment of a positive doping test the player of football club “Krasnodar”. The player’s name is not specified.

This accusation is based on electronic correspondence with the anti-doping laboratory. “The decision must be confirmed VL”, — allegedly said in a letter sent to one of the members of the laboratory “VL”, as stated in the film, is the initials of the Minister of sports of Russia.

“Initials, here’s another option to decipher. You can refer thousands of people. How can I help you hide? He can destroy? This is funny stuff, it’s untenable,” — said Mutko.

He also noted that the film is a deliberate attack on Russia.

“It is not only in the German media. This is a deliberate attack on Russia, calm, organized. Comrade Rodchenkov fulfills for the people who sheltered him. He had since 2005, we don’t know he is yet to reach,” said Mutko.

The film also was given the text of a letter the former head of the Moscow anti-doping laboratory of Gregory Rodchenkov, in which he outlined his version of the activities of the adviser to the Minister of sports of Russia Natalia Zhelanova. Mutko in response, said that the aim is Rodchenkova charges of the state in a systematic “doping programs.” He noted that the aim is also to influence the Commission, “in the sense that everything we do in the fight against doping, not sincerely.”

“The focus of the prosecution is clear. He accuses those who fired him and who suppressed its activity”, — concluded the Minister of sports. Mutko also suggested that the activities Rodchenkova aimed at testing “some things those people who sheltered him, who pay him money, provide him housing” (quoted by “Interfax”). He also added that the criminal case against Rodchenkova can identify a number of violations on his part.

In General, the whole doping scandal is the desire to “dig” for football at the 2018 world Cup”, said the Minister of sport. “First we went through FIFA, but failed. Now investigate the laundering of the application, trying to come out the other side,” — said Mutko.

As argued by Rodchenkov in the film, Zhelanova supposedly helped to hide a positive doping control Russian athletes and had an impact on the leadership of the world anti-doping Agency (WADA). According to him, she also allegedly transferred money to the International Federation of athletics associations (IAAF) to hide positive samples of athletes.

In response to these accusations Zhelanova in interview to Agency “R-Sport” said that she was with 2012’s “tried to do everything to catch on something serious Rodchenkova to dismiss it to have any legal basis.” She recalled that Rodchenkov was recognized by the Commission of the WADA a man who concealed the doping of the sample and “extended dope”.

She also added that considering the possibility to sue Rodchenkova. However, there are now plans to consider the case against the IAAF and Russian athletics Federation (vfla).

“I ask myself that all that I have with the IAAF, any correspondence from any moment, everything was understood, I am interrogated,” said Zhelanova.

The vfla President Dmitry shlyahtin, commenting on the situation TASS, said that the documentary contains no new accusations against the Russian anti-doping services and the Ministry of sports of Russia.

“In this film for me, and all the others, perhaps, there was nothing news. Basically the film was, as they say, about anything. My opinion is that after the may statements Rodchenkova film Seppelt — it’s a single shot,” said shlyahtin.