Navalny said on the classification of the names of the sons of Gulls in the base of the Rosreestr

From the Rosreestr has been deleted data about the alleged ownership of the sons of the attorney-General Igor and Artem Gulls, wrote on its website, the founder of the Fund of struggle against corruption Alexey Navalny. According to the politician, instead of Artema of the Seagull in the extracts of the Federal registration service in the field “owner” contains the code “ЛСДУ3”, and instead of Igor Chaika — “ЙФЯУ9”.

A total of Navalny published documents on 12 houses: three apartments, four houses, three plots, the utility unit and the garage. Statement, according to the founder of FBC, were obtained from the Federal registration service in late 2015 and summer 2016. In documents from 2015 as owners were listed Igor Yurievich Chaika and Chaika Artem Yurievich, a full namesake of the sons of the Prosecutor General. In more recent statements to the same objects instead of the names specified ciphers. According to the unified state register, which read , all of these objects do in fact have classified individuals.

filed a request to register the building at the time of publication of the text, the Agency was unable to provide comment.

The Prosecutor’s office previously stated that they do not comment on questions related to the life of persons who are not employees of the Supervisory authority.

In November 2015, the FCO stated that the Rosreestr has removed information about the owner of the property, which could belong to full the namesake daughter of the Minister of defence of Xenia Shoigu.

In January 2016, “the Source,” reported the disappearance of part of the personal data of the ex-wife of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin Lyudmila from the statement of Federal registration service across St. Petersburg apartment, which belonged to the Putin family.

In 2015, the FSB has prepared a draft law with a proposal to limit the circle of persons having the right to find information on property owners, the actual owners or their representatives. In the secret service felt that this measure would impede the search of persons in respect of whom the measures were taken to state protection and also guard against “negative trends” when the citizens do without government assistance, seeking information about the owners of real estate to private companies. In October the document was approved by the Commission. In may it became known that the White house decided to freeze the bill at least until the election of new members of the lower house of Parliament.

With the participation of Elena Mesinai