The ARD TV channel showed new film about doping in Russian sports

In the night of Thursday, June 9, the German TV station ARD showed a new series of film journalist, Hyo Seppelt about doping in Russian sport, “the Secret case of doping: x hour for Russia” (Geheimsache Doping: Showdown für Russland). In it, in particular, was given the text of a letter the former head of the Moscow laboratory of Gregory Rodchenkov, where he spoke about the activities of the adviser to the Minister of sports of Russia Natalia Zhelanova, says the Agency R-Sport.

Rodchenkov, stories which appeared in the previous films, claimed that the alleged Zhelanova daily and constantly worked on the topic of doping, and her work was closely associated with the Russian anti-doping Agency (RUSADA). She argues Rodchenkov, helped to conceal a positive doping control Russian athletes and put pressure on the leadership of the world anti-doping Agency (WADA),

According to Rodchenkova, Zhelanova allegedly participated in the transfer of money to the IAAF to cover positive samples of Russians, and together with the Minister of sports of Russia Vitaly Mutko has influenced the President of WADA for the termination of the investigation for doping against Russia. The letter also notes that Zhelanova received from RUSADA money for advice and “protection”.

In addition, Rodchenkov told about the cases when Russian athletes were caught doping at the Olympic games in London, are supposed to pay off, after they were caught on doping. According to him, it was necessary to pay $500 thousand, while the money went including the International Federation of athletics associations (IAAF). “Had spent a lot of money to hide positive results. Certain people engaged in the substitution of positive samples. I know it’s the Olympics in London. Then cost up to 500 thousand dollars to “liberate” the athlete taking a drug for one person. The athlete transferred money to the coach. In Russia there are people, who then donated the money to the IAAF. Is the sale of the results of doping tests”, — quotes Agency the words Rodchenkova in the film.

Another story, as it was announced, was the approval of the involvement of the Minister of sports of Russia Vitaly Mutko to conceal a positive doping test the player of football club “Krasnodar”. According to journalists, the footballer passed a positive doping test in the summer of 2014, his body was allegedly found by the growth hormone stimulator “Hexarelin”. The filmmakers believe that the player was not disqualified, and the case did not become public because of the intervention of the Minister.

This accusation is based on his e-mail correspondence with the anti-doping laboratory. “The decision must be confirmed VL”, — allegedly said in a letter sent to one of the laboratory staff. “VL” — the initials of the Minister of sport of the Russian Federation.

Journalists also claim that with high probability the coach in race walking Viktor Chegin, who received a lifetime suspension from the sport due to a series of doping scandals, continues to work secretly with the Russian athletes. In the course of the film crew departs to Adler, there are trained who has previously worked with Cegedim athletes, including Olga Kaniskina, Elena Lashmanova, Sergei Kirdyapkin and others. The recording was made on April 27. The bus is also shown, within which is visible the silhouette of a man, further, the expert for the reconciliation of persons says the author of the movie that with great probability it Cegin. From this it is concluded that cegin still trains.

Even before the film’s release, the press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov said about the readiness to perceive information about violations, if they are confirmed by evidence. “Until some intelligible evidence or evidence of the slander we have not heard, we are going to treat this as an absolute slander”, — said Peskov. According to him, Russia condemns the use of doping, where it is recorded,” but against proven cases of doping cast a shadow on honest athletes.