The EU postponed the question of the abolition of the visa regime with Ukraine and Georgia until the fall

The European Union has decided to defer a decision on visa-free regime for Georgia, Ukraine and Kosovo until at least September, according to The Wall Street Journal. The cause of delay sources of publications in high-ranking European structures called the issues raised by the largest countries of Europe.

According to sources the WSJ, the problems that have arisen in the way of rapid decision making on the abolition of visas vary from anxiety Germany about Georgian organized crime, the concerns of France on account of the fact that the abolition of visas in a time of increased terrorist fears will make it even more vulnerable security system.

Officials and EU diplomats are now saying that September appears to be the earliest date when the European Parliament can sign the decision on the abolition of visas, writes the WSJ.

Earlier, the European Commission — the Executive body of the EU — have already recommended to introduce visa-free regime for Georgia, Ukraine, Kosovo and Turkey, but the decision on Ankara was put on the back burner and now the parties are aiming to conclude the deal in October.

That the EU postpones easing the visa regime with Georgia, Reuters reported in early June, citing diplomatic sources. They said that because Georgia will have to wait also three other countries, pending the abolition of visas in Europe: Ukraine, Kosovo and Turkey.

On 5 June the German media learned about the concerns of Germany about the planned abolition of visas. As he wrote Die Welt, interior Minister of Germany expressed concerns about organized crime in Georgia, and in the case of the abolition of visas for the Western Balkan countries in Berlin can be a place of “mass abuse of the right to asylum”.