The Kremlin has called the accusations from the new film ARD perfecting the “30 pieces of silver”

Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov commented on the new film of the German TV channel ARD on the use and abuse of doping Russian athletes. “Given that this is a series of films on the TV channel ARD in the performance of the famous defendants who ran out of here. Apparently their 30 pieces of silver work. No new elements there,” — said Peskov, reports .

The investigation was aired in the night of Thursday, June 9. It refers to the fact that the Minister of sport Vitaly Mutko allegedly participated in concealing information about the positive doping test of one of the players of the Russian Premier League and Russian athletes who were caught doping during the 2012 Olympics in London, allegedly could be bought off for $500 thousand Money, according to the informant of the channel, went to the International Federation of athletics associations (IAAF). Allegations against films that are based on the text of a letter the former head of the Moscow anti-doping laboratory of Gregory Rodchenkov.

According to Peskov, “a series of materials about doping in Russian sport, contains manipulation, and “a lot fetched in order to in what may become the story to continue, despite the lack of any convincing evidence”.

The press Secretary said that the film itself in the Kremlin have not looked, but saw a large number of messages with the retelling of its content. “I’ll just refer you to what I said yesterday on this matter. Nothing new here, quite unconvincing data. I would say that they are not supported by substantial evidence, and therefore continue to believe is unsubstantiated slander”, — he said. Yesterday Peskov, answering the question about the new documentary, said that the Kremlin will consider allegations of doping by Russian athletes slander, while there is no “evidence”.

Responding to a question about whether officials to carry out inspections in the footsteps of these publications, Peskov said that the Investigative Committee and the Prosecutor General’s office will examine the claims about alleged cases of doping. “In addition the Russian competent authorities are in full cooperation with the international structures, and therefore need to await the results of investigative actions”, — he stressed.

In the night of Thursday, June 9, ARD showed a new series of film journalist, Hyo seppelt the “Secret case of doping: x hour for Russia.” It was used the text of a letter former head of the Moscow lab Rodchenkova on the activities of the adviser to the Minister of sports of Russia Natalia Zhelanova. According to Rodchenkov, who left Russia and is located in United States, Zhelanova was in charge of the subject of doping and allegedly participated in the transfer of money to the IAAF in order to hide positive samples of Russian athletes for doping. Rodchenkov says that the Minister of sport Mutko also involved in the concealment of positive doping tests of athletes and influenced the President of the world anti-doping Agency (WADA)

Rodchenkov says that those caught doping during the Olympic games in London, Russian athletes allegedly could be bought off for $500 thousand, “the Athlete transferred money to the coach. In Russia there are people, who then donated the money to the IAAF. Is selling results of the doping tests,” — said in his testimony. Also in the film there was a statement that Mutko was involved in the concealment of a positive doping test the player of football club “Krasnodar”. The statement is based on electronic correspondence with the anti-doping laboratory, in which appeared the phrase “the decision must be confirmed VL. “VL” — initials Mutko. The Minister, commenting on the new documentary, called the suspicion “ridiculous”. “The initials of you and another to decrypt. You can refer thousands of people. How can I help you hide? He can destroy? This is funny stuff, it’s untenable,” — said Mutko.

In early may, Rodchenko gave an interview to The New York Times, in which he stated that he personally developed mixture of the three illicit drugs that are mixed with alcohol and given to Russian athletes. According to him, tests which could reveal the use by athletes of doping, the Russian secret service was the substitute for “clean samples”.

In the Kremlin’s testimony Rodchenkova already called “slander defector”. “Let’s just say, they look absolutely unfounded, these allegations, they are not based on how much credible data is not backed up by some reasoning. It just looks like, you know, this slander of defectors, something like that. I would not like to trust such unfounded statements,” — said Peskov.