The United States are thinking about bringing Canada to the confrontation with Russia in Europe

USA can apply to Canada for help when you create when you deploy additional NATO forces in Eastern Europe, which should become for Russia a limiting factor, writes Reuters. Washington is experiencing difficulties and has been unable to agree on the matter with other allies. About it to Agency on condition of anonymity, said the diplomats.

Despite the recent show of force during a training exercise in Eastern Europe, which were attended by about 20 countries of the Alliance and its partners, NATO is slowly moving to the goal to create in the East of Poland and the Baltic States rotational force of 4 thousand troops. Britain and Germany agreed to contribute and provide battalions to 1 thousand troops, the United States isolated third battalion, however, the Alliance does not need a fourth.

A senior NATO diplomat involved in the discussions told Reuters that the European allies have their reasons for refusal. “They scattered, at home, in Africa, in Afghanistan. They have no money,” — said the Agency interlocutor.

“Within NATO there are differences,” confirms an expert on defense the London Centre for European reform, Sofia Besh, stating that “some allies feel that the emphasis should have been made in the South”.

The reluctance of some European governments to help the military build-up is the strongest since the end of the cold war reflects inner doubts about whether the Alliance focus on combating militants in the middle East and North Africa, writes Reuters.

The NATO summit in Warsaw, which will be held on July 8-9, will be the last for Barack Obama as President of the U.S. and Washington wants him successful, says Reuters, a senior Polish diplomatic source familiar with the negotiations. “This will ensure that the fourth strategic country will be found, perhaps, in the face of Canada. Washington for this out come out”, — said the Agency interlocutor.

In recent months relations between Russia and NATO escalated in spite of the fact that both sides declare their readiness to engage in constructive dialogue. Alyans in Moscow sees a threat to Eastern Europe, Russia, in turn, notes the activity of NATO on its borders.

The U.S. military on Thursday agreed with the opinion of military analysts is that Russia in the event of conflict, will be able to occupy the Baltic States for 60 hours.

Now in Eastern Europe are the exercises Baltops-2016, which are the largest military exercises of NATO in the region this year, and “Anaconda-16”, which is between Poland and its allies and another state there is a conflict. The Kremlin has called these exercises “not promoting an atmosphere of trust and security.”