The US bombers launch cruise missiles during exercises in the Baltic sea

American bombers who participate in exercises in the Baltic sea, will work, among other things, the launches of cruise missiles, reported on the website of the U.S. air force.

“The exercise is a lot of all, — said the commander of the 23rd expeditionary bomb squadron Mike Maginness. — We will work with many transnational partners throughout the region, making everything from launches of cruise missiles sea mining and to the interaction between on-Board guidance systems with ground adjustment of fire”.

In the southern part of the Baltic sea now are exercises Baltops-2016, which are the largest military exercises of NATO in the region this year. They, in particular, involves three strategic B-52 bomber capable of launching cruise missiles. On 7 June, the aircraft conducted its first flight as part of the exercise. Already aware of at least two cases of approximation of B-52 bombers to the Russian borders. One of them happened Thursday afternoon.

During the exercises Baltops to the Russian borders and other aircraft. So, on the eve to the borders of the Kaliningrad region flew electronic reconnaissance aircraft Gulfstream 4, belonging to the Swedish air force. Prior to this, to the borders of Russia approached four aircraft distant radar detection of NATO AWACS and RC-135V US air force.

Simultaneously with Baltops in Poland began the exercise “Anakonda-16”. According to their scenario, between the two unions in one part of Poland and in another fictional country — there is a conflict. The development of the situation involves the annexation of the fictional state destabilization in the Baltic sea, the strengthening of hybrid threats and the invasion of the Baltic States and Poland.

Press Secretary of Russian President Dmitry Peskov on June 7 said that the teachings “are not conducive to an atmosphere of trust and security.” “Exercises that have their basis in a legend with a clear indication in an understandable way, of course, do not contribute to an atmosphere of trust and security,” — said Peskov.