“Banking” Department of the FSB will lead specialist on the case Sugrobov

“Banking” management

The main contender for the post of head of the Department “K” of the FSB became the head of the 6th service of Management of own safety of FSB Ivan Tkachev, said the source close to the leadership of counterintelligence, and was confirmed by a source in the FSB.

Appointment of Tkachev is expected soon, says one of the interlocutors. But his candidacy still has to approve the FSB Director Alexander Bortnikov. If the appointment is held, for Tkachev transition from the post of the head of service for the post of head of governance will become “a jump from a few steps,” says a source in the secret service.

6-I service USB the FSB was established in 2008, it includes only 35 people, said a source . Officially, the powers of this division were not reported.

Tkachev played a key role in the ex-the head of the Main Directorate for economic security and combating corruption of the interior Ministry of Denis Sugrobov, says the source in FSB.

Sugrobov and his Deputy Boris Kolesnikov were arrested in 2014 on charges of provocation of a bribe, abuse of power and organizing a criminal community. In June of the same year, Kolesnikov died, dropped out after interrogation from a balcony in a building of the Investigative Committee.

The Sugrobov and Kolesnikov’s detention was the result of conflict between two power structures: Guebipk of the MIA and the USB of the FSB, told earlier sources. In the end Sugrobova and Kolesnikova were charged with trying to provoke to bribe Deputy Tkachev in the CSS of the FSB Igor Demin.

Changes in FSB

The “K” of the counter-intelligence is engaged in providing credit and financial services. To this division was attached the office “N” of the FSB, which has struggled with drugs, smuggling and organized crime.

The previous head of the Department Victor Voronin just last week wrote a letter of resignation. Sources rasskazyvali informed that his resignation is connected with a criminal case, a defendant who became a slave 58-year-old Voronin, head of the 7th Department of management “To” SEB FSB Vadim Uvarov. He is held as a witness in the case about the bribe to the customs officer for clearance of goods importing companies in the amount of 2 million rubles.

The suspect in this case is a former operative in the Directorate of anti-smuggling FCS Paul Smolyarchuk, relative Uvarov. In fact, there are also several statements from the victims, alleging that the actions Uvarov needs to be checked for violation of the Criminal code.

After he lost his job, and the head of the economic security Service of FSB Yuri Yakovlev (SEB FSB), told two sources . The structure of this division includes the management of “K”. Economic security service is one of the key units in the FSB.

Yakovlev retired, but one of the interviewees noted that the resignation of the head of SEB can also be associated with a criminal case of smuggling, because Yakovlev was a supervisor Voronin.

The initiator of the case of smuggling is Lieutenant General Sergei Korolev, who now runs the Department of own safety of the FSB (CSS FSB), said a source close to the secret service. Sergei Korolev, according to two sources, was appointed to the position of head of SEB FSB. According to one of them, June 10 Queens came from vacation and started execution of new duties.

All major corruption cases in recent years has been it’s own security Department. It has responsibility was operational support in the case of former Governor of the Sakhalin region Alexander Horoshavin, the head of Komi Vyacheslav Gaizer, businessman Dmitry Mikhalchenko and the mayor of Vladivostok Igor Pushkarev.

The resignation in two departments

According to “Rosbalt”, the resignation was written by the heads of the two offices, within the structure of SEB FSB: this is the chiefs of divisions “N” and “T” that are engaged in counter-intelligence provision of industry and transport respectively.

“The leaders of all the economic block of the FSB leave the office. All of them were already on the ground, age. But, of course, the reasons for the resignation are not in it. In recent years, SEB has strained relations with management of own safety of FSB of the Russian Federation, began to emerge in the scandal, which escalated into criminal cases or the so-called online help. Was quite a difficult situation last summer, but then somehow the parties “lit in the corners”. Now it did not work”, — said the source of “Rosbalt” in the security services.

According to him, the head of the CSS may become Oleg Feoktistov, who is now the Deputy head.