Erdogan prematurely left the funeral of Mohammed Ali

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan cut short his visit to the United States, where he arrived to participate in the funeral ceremony of legendary boxer Muhammad Ali, according to Turkish publication Hurriyet.

According to sources close to the President, Erdogan and other representatives of the government of Turkey decided to leave the United States after the Turkish President was not allowed on the first day of the ceremony to cover the coffin with a blanket with the image of the Muslim Shrine Kaaba in Mecca.

According to others, the newspaper writes, the decision to return to Turkey followed after was rejected the request of the head of Department of religious Affairs of Turkey Mehmet of Germesa to read the Quran during the ceremony. Also, according to the newspaper, was a small skirmish between the guards Erdogan and representatives of US intelligence.

The newspaper reminds that before the arrival of Erdogan in the USA funeral expelled the Turkish President from a list of speakers due to time constraints.

The two-day funeral ceremony of Muhammad Ali that took place on 9 June. This day is a mourning event at the Islamic religious rite.

The funeral of Boxing legends are in Louisville, Kentucky — the hometown of the boxer. Ali died on 3 Jun 75 year life in a hospital in Phoenix after a long illness of Parkinson’s.