In the United States announced the possible implementation of the Minsk agreements until Obama leaves office

According to rice, the US stepped up its work with France and Germany for the speedy implementation of the Minsk agreements on Ukraine. In an interview with the Washington Post she stated that she sees the potential to resolve the crisis before the expiration of the term of the current Washington administration, that is, until 20 January 2017.

“We hope that if Russia wants to resolve the crisis – and we have reason to believe that she wants – then we will have the opportunity to achieve this,” said rice.

While Obama’s adviser stressed that not fully confident that Ukraine’s Parliament will adopt changes to the electoral law, which will pave the way for elections in that part of Donbass which are not controlled by the Kiev authorities.

Elections in the breakaway Donetsk and Lugansk national republics was postponed to July 2016. In the Minsk agreement, elections should be held according to Ukrainian legislation, however, the parties are unable to agree on a number of issues. Chief among them is the vote of refugees from Ukraine living on the territory of Ukraine, the security and access of Ukrainian politicians in the country.