Intelligence agencies reported on the elimination in the course of a night battle terrorists in Aktobe

As the press service of the national security Committee of Kazakhstan, the operational headquarters for the fight against terrorism have found that in one of the apartments on Nekrasova street were the suspects. In the security services indicate that “in the course of negotiations, the terrorists refused to surrender and opened fire”. As a result of the assault, who was in the apartment four people were killed.

CNS also reported that in the city centre were killed and an accomplice of terrorists who fired at a police patrol car.

Meanwhile, the local edition of “the Range” claims that the special operation began at night in the area of the trading house “Otrar” and gun shop “Panther”. One of the visitors of the forum of the edition reported that an unknown male with a gun entered a gun shop and opened fire on the seller.

During the operation the scene was an armored personnel carrier pulled up, the police evacuated the block of apartment buildings and cordoned off the private sector.

On 5 June, armed men attacked two of the gun shop and part of the National guard in Aktobe. As a result of attacks killed seven people. The interior Ministry of Kazakhstan has described the events in Aktobe as a terrorist act. The city was declared a counterterrorist operation regime.

The President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev saw in the country after the attacks in Aktobe signs of “color revolutions”. The President also said that the attackers, whom he described as followers of “radical pseudo-religious movements”, received instructions from abroad.