Kurdish fighters declared Turkey an unsafe country for tourists

The organization “freedom Hawks of Kurdistan” published on its website a statement in which he claimed responsibility for the attack in Istanbul on June 7, which killed more than 10 people. In a statement, the organization explained their actions revenge for the air strike, which the Turkish army attacked the positions of the Kurds in the South-East of the country.

“We warn the tourists. Foreigners are not our goal, but Turkey is no longer a safe country for them”, — stated in the statement.

Explosion in Taksim district Vezneciler occurred on June 7. Near a police bus was blown up by a car bomb. The attack killed 11 people — seven policemen and four civilians.

The group “freedom Hawks of Kurdistan” was founded in 2004. She stood out from the Kurdistan workers ‘ party because of disagreement with the policy of negotiations with the Turkish authorities. For 10 years, she has carried out several dozen terrorist attacks, the largest of which were two explosions in Ankara.

This year in Turkey have been 12 major terrorist attacks. The staged attack as the militants of the Kurdistan workers party and the terrorists of the “Islamic state” (banned in Russia as a terrorist organization).

Exactly, the PKK has claimed responsibility for the explosion on may 12 in the district Sancaktepe. Then a car bomb exploded near the bus, which was carrying the Turkish military. The attack resulted in no fatalities, but seven people were injured.