Moscow has promised to respond to the entry of U.S. ships into the Black sea

In comments to the Agency “RIA Novosti” Director of the European cooperation Department of Russian foreign Ministry Andrey Kelin said that there is freedom of navigation and right of innocent passage, and therefore nothing particularly new in the movement of U.S. ships there. However, the official noted “a definite increase and build-up of tension”. What American ships appeared in the Black sea on the eve of the NATO summit, he called a show of force.

“It does not arouse our approval and will lead, undoubtedly, to the measures of response planning”, – said Kelin, without specifying what Russia could do.

On Sunday, the US Sixth fleet said that the USS Porter will enter the Black sea to commit “routine patrol with allies and partners <…> to improve security and stability in the black sea region”. According to the Montreux Convention, a US destroyer needs to stay in the Black sea is not more than 21 days: ships nachimovsky States can stay there longer than that.

About NATO’s plans to increase its presence in the Black sea

to deter Russia in April was declared by the Deputy NATO Secretary General Alexander Vershbow. “We need to consider a more persistent presence of NATO troops in the region, with particular emphasis on our Maritime capabilities,” he reported. According to Vershbow, we cannot allow Russia disregarded the principles, “on which was founded the European security system”.