Moscow will repair comfortable again in 2015 streets

What streets will be repaired again?

From December 2015 to may 2016, the Department of capital repairs held nine tenders for “bringing in proper condition of facilities, transport infrastructure and engineering networks” in Warsaw, Kashirskoye, Leningradskoye, Yaroslavskoye and Mozhaisk highway, Prospekt Mira, Dolgorukovskaya streets, lyusinovskaya, Mytnaya and the Ryazan Avenue, to the materials of the tenders, published on the procurement website.

All work on these projects are carried out in the framework of the program “My street”, the total amount of new contracts it has exceeded 2.6 billion rubles In the previous year, the reconstruction and improvement of these roads has cost the city budget of nearly $ 10.2 billion rubles., calculated on the basis of materials on the procurement website.

From technical specifications to the tender should be that now on the comfortable last year the highways have to build an additional approximately 40 km of underground cable collectors, and after the backfilling is to restore the landscaping. Work carried out under the program “My street” in 2015, “did not consider interests” of the Department of information technologies of the Moscow government, the balance of which is urban fiber-optic network, said a source in city hall. The representative of the Department at the time of publication of the article did not respond to a request .

Also among the works planned for developed in 2015, the highways, the documentation for the contest are: dismantling the “legacy of festive illuminations and strip technical sidewalks of chipped stone blocks along the highways. On certain streets the town Council decided to brick with granite foundations of billboards and road signs, as, for example, on the Leningrad highway — to cover the stone and the walls of the ducts cable ducts.

Kashirskoye more than 6 km of concrete curbs will be replaced with granite, another 4 km of concrete curbs will be updated with subsequent restoration of pavement and sidewalks. The same work will take place on the Yaroslavl highway, where you need to replace a little more than 1 km of borders. On Pavlovskaya street, the authorities decided to partially replace the paving with asphalt. And on Kashirke replaced 60 of public transport — their territory will also pave the granite tile.

Having problems with street planting carried out last year. On the Yaroslavl highway, on the area 74 502 sqm, seeding the lawn this year will be replaced by the roll (the total area under the lawn needs to grow by another 32 600 sq. m). On Kashirsky highway is necessary to recover almost 22 thousand square meters of “unaccounted for” turf. And na Lyusinovskoy and Big Tula streets the authorities will replace the 14 trees and nine shrubs not caught on in the last year.

The reasons for the re-beautification of highways under the program “My street” officials do not comment. “We do not believe it appropriate to answer questions on this topic,” — said the representative of the Department for major housing repairs, which is the customer of these works. Request to the press service of the mayor of Moscow also remained unanswered.

Who will work on re-landscaping?

The results of the tenders of the contractors on re-planning of streets have become the same company who worked at these sites in the past year.

Biggest contracts for “bringing in the proper state of objects of an accomplishment” the Warsaw highway (778 mln.) and Bolshaya Tul’skaya, lyusinovskaya, Pavlovskaya, Mytnaya (391,1 mln.) received company “SK “the Union” and open company “avtodorstroy”. Both companies were connected with the natives of the construction holding “Universstroylyuks”, which belongs to Alexei Biryukov, the brother of the Vice-mayor Pyotr Biryukov (oversees the implementation of the program “My street”), wrote in last year’s investigation about who earns the reconstruction of the Moscow streets.

On may 26, 2016 the Board of Management of Antimonopoly service across Moscow to establish the fact of cartel collusion between “Avtodorstroy”, “Union”, and several other companies. In particular, it was found that in order to participate in tenders of those firms used the same IP address, and files applications to trading were created on the same computer. This was stated in the letter of FAS in Moscow, published by blogger Ivan by Jezykowym. In a press-service UFAS across Moscow confirmed the authenticity of the letter, noting that the decision in this case will be made June 30.

Winners of competitions on carrying out of additional works on the Kashira (of 464.7 million roubles) and the Leningrad highway (312,6 mln) was sold to OOO “Spetsstroy”. This firm, as written in 2015, was part of the construction holding company Capital Group, but the press service of the holding has denied this information. In January 2016, co-owner of Capital Group Paul they recognized that the structure of the holding had to do with reconstruction in Moscow. “We have been working on the improvement of outbound motorways, people worked 24 hours a day, we can be proud of their work,” said Those in an interview with Forbes. In 2016, “Spetsstroy” won this year’s largest tender under the program “My street” for the improvement of the even side of the Boulevard ring. The amount of this contract is RUB 4.6 billion.

The tender for the works on prospect Mira (281,3 million rubles), Yaroslavl highway (242,6 million roubles) and Dolgorukovskaya street (63,5 mln.) won the building division of the Corporation AFK “System” Vladimir Yevtushenkov, OAO “Moskapstroy” and his “daughter” LLC “Magma-1”. Tender for additional work on the Mozhaisk highway (40.5 million rubles) has won FGUP “ATEKS” of the Federal security service, and on the Ryazan highway (30.8 million RUB) company Kaskad-Energo, part of the holding “Tashir” Samvel Karapetyan.

Not for the first time

In 2015, the Prefecture of the Central administrative district of Moscow on the funds received from paid Parking, held the improvement of Chernihiv pereulok in the Zamoskvorechye district. Two teams of young architects by order of the Prefecture and the Department of transport of Moscow has developed the project of creation of the pedestrian zone. In August 2015, part of a lane painted with paint in white, were placed wooden benches, tubs, book shelf for book crossing and a small amphitheater. The cost of the organization of the pedestrian zone amounted to 1.2 million rubles, said the representative of the Department of transport. But in April of 2016 in the Chernigov lane again began organizing. This time the program “My street”. The winner of the tender for the reconstruction of the alley was “MKT”, agreed to perform the work for 146,7 mln.