Russian retailers have proposed to impose VAT foreign.

Foreign online retailers, which make purchases, the Russians, must register with the Russian tax authorities and included in the price of their goods paid to the Russian Treasury the value added tax (VAT), are assured of Association of the companies the Internet-trade (AKIT). The corresponding offer contains in the report of AKITA on behalf of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, according to “Vedomosti”.

Now purchases made by Russians through the Internet from foreign sellers, not subject to VAT, which in the opinion of the authors of the initiative, puts the Russian and foreign online retailers at a disadvantage. According to the representative of “M. Video” Valeria Andreeva, exempt from the obligation to pay Russian taxes foreign competitors can offer customers lower prices, while the Russian budget annually loses about 60 billion rubles.

“We stand for equal conditions on the market both for Russian companies and for foreign, one of the formats of such regulation is the localization of the operating activities of online-retail in Russia, entering the VAT registration, which has a positive impact on the development of production in the country, the creation of new jobs, replenishment of the state budget”, — said Andreev.

To ensure the collection of VAT on purchases in foreign online shops should check all incoming parcels. According to the representative of AKITA Alexei Fedorov, now about half of these parcels is not known nor what in them lies, nor how much it costs, or who the sender is. In the case of the introduction of registration, VAT, it will be possible to charge each “commodity supply”.

The Federal tax service (FNS) offer AKITA met with skepticism. The representative of the office explained to the “Vedomosti” that Internet Commerce is a lot of foreign shops, and does so, in particular, and via Internet platforms like eBay, Amazon or Alibaba, where the payment is deposited directly to the seller. Therefore, the registration of the FTS trading platforms will not solve the problem, concluded the representative of the FTS.

Earlier, the state Duma adopted in the second reading the bill on the so-called “Google tax”, under which the following services: a Western IT-companies, as sales of digital content and software in digital form, hosting, domain registration, voice services over the Internet, storing and processing of information, and so forth, it is proposed to impose VAT at the rate of 18%. According to the Finance Ministry, already at the first stage, the new tax will annually bring to the budget not less than 10 billion rubles.