Savchenko said the threat of the emergence of Russia on the border with Germany”

In an interview with the British newspaper The Telegraph Savchenko urged the Western powers to take a clear position and to show Russia that sooner or later interfere with its calling plans. According to her, Europe and America must understand, “what if they don’t stop Russia on the border of Ukraine, then the next time it is on the border with Poland or at the border with Germany”.

Deputy of the Ukrainian Parliament called on Western countries to provide military assistance to Kiev, using existing mechanisms, but encouraged to limit the supply of “defensive” weapons such as air defense systems. “You should be very careful with this, because if you make drastic steps, it could lead to a major war,” — said Savchenko.

Asked about presidential ambitions, the politician said that he has them, but everything will depend on people. “I am ready to work anywhere to make Ukraine stronger. If you need to become President, then I become President,” she explained.

In relation to negotiations with the militiamen of the breakaway Donetsk and Lugansk national republics Savchenko believes that they should remember that they are Ukrainians and to ask Russia to stop interfering. After that, in her opinion, it will be possible to discuss the future of this region.

Kiev has accused Russia of providing military assistance to the militias that Moscow has always denied, insisting on the humanitarian nature of its support.

In March, a Russian court sentenced Savchenko to 22 years in prison for involvement in the death of the crew VGTRK. It was recognized as a party to the hostilities in the Luhansk region, during which she was engaged in correction of artillery fire. Savchenko denied the charges against her.

According to the Russian side, the Ukrainian pilot illegally crossed the Russian border disguised as a refugee in the summer of 2014 and was arrested. According to the version of Savchenko, she was kidnapped by the militia and gave Russia.

25 may the President of Russia Vladimir Putin at the request of the relatives of the dead journalists had signed a decree to pardon Savchenko, after which she was deported to Ukraine. At the same time, the Ukrainian authorities returned to the home of two Russian citizens who were detained for participation in hostilities on the territory of Ukraine.

During his imprisonment in a Russian jail Savchenko was elected a member of Parliament and a member of the permanent delegation of Ukraine in PACE.