The court sentenced one of the leaders of PARNAS to a fine of 1.5 million rubles.

Leninsky district court of Kostroma in the case of bribery of a police officer during the elections to the regional legislative Assembly in the summer of 2015 sentenced the co-Chairman of the branch of PARNAS in Saint-Petersburg of Andrey Pivovarov to a fine of 1.5 million rubles. Another defendant in a criminal case, a police officer Alexey Nikanorov, the sentence is 3.9 years in prison and a fine of 3 million rubles. This was stated by the Manager of the human rights direction of the “Open Russia” Paulina Nemirovsky. According to her, the court found the fault of the Brewers and started to get proven.

The Prosecutor asked for Pivovarova three years in prison conditionally and a fine of more than 2.2 million rubles.

Pivovarov the verdict was announced behind closed doors, said Nemirovsky. The judge explained his decision to close the meeting to the fact that may be disclosed the personal data of the defendants in the criminal case.

The incident that gave rise to the criminal case, occurred in Kostroma at the end of July 2015 during election campaign in regional legislative Assembly. The election was attended by representatives of PARNASSUS. Brewers was detained and later arrested for attempted purchase of personal data of residents of the Kostroma region at the police, told the Investigative Committee of Russia (TFR).

Against Pivovarova and Nikanorova has conducted an investigation under three articles of the Criminal code: abuse of power, illegal access to computer information and bribery. These articles could face up to seven and a half years of imprisonment.

The consequence considers that Nikanorov received from Pivovarova “not less than 50 thousand rubles for the fact that police from 19 to 27 July ensure the verification available to the activist of personal data of residents of the region through the integrated databank of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia.

He Brewers accusations in his address rejected. He only came to the police station, there Nikonorov invited him into his office, and then they were both detained by operative employees, he said. The human rights center “memorial” has recognized the opposition as a political prisoner.

The brewers planned to run through the list of Parnassus as the representative of the “Open Russia” Mikhail Khodorkovsky. But to do this it does not now she can’t. “Since the article on which he prosecuted felony, he can not be elected under Russian law for 10 years,” said Nemirovsky.